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      Thanks for this open source product. I have the following questions.

      1. Currently, the purchase process appears to take two steps: (a) Place an order; and (b) make a payment. How do I make a Cash Purchase where the payment is immediate?

      2. The products that I entered (under different Product Categories) are not appearing in the New Transaction | Create Purchase dialogue box. Do I have to activate these products through some other step?

      3. I have added Employees (in the HR module) and added the same people in Accounts as Users. How do I set up a data entry screen for these Users so that they can start entering their transaction data? Can transactions be entered through a mobile phone?

      4. Finally, do I have to enter transactions through the WordPress admin screen only, or is there some other way to enter transaction data?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

      With kind regards,


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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Sierra,

      Thanks for the query.

      1. Answer: I understand. You want it in a single process but no, it’s not possible. You need to create an invoice first before receiving/recording a payment. Two need to be added separately.

      2. Answer: No, it should come. Just make sure you have added that vendor for this product that you want to purchase. Like; if Product-A is made for the vendor-X, So, when you create a purchase, if you select vendor-x, then only you’ll find the product-A. If you select vendor-Y, you’ll not get Product-A, because it’s a product of vendor-X.

      3. Answer: Did not get this well. Adding Employee in HR adds them in the Accounting users as well. No need to add them again.

      4. Answer: We’ll have a frontend soon. So, you’ll be able to use the whole accounting system from a separate and beautiful screen.


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