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      Arif Aldoseri

      Tried to add (Accounts payable) under Liability category but it didn’t work. You just can’t add anything to Liability.
      Then I created a test account under Asset and now I can’t delete it, moreover I can’t modify or update anything. It gives a Duplicate category error message. This is not the system items. I’m talking about things I added few minutes ago and now I can’t even modify the name.

      In short, use accounting module as is

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      Hello Arif,

      With the new accounting, Accounts Payable could not be created as it generates the accounts payable dynamically. However, if you can let us know the whole scenario why you trying to create the Accounts Payable account, We can provide a best suggestion/solution based on your requirements 🙂

      The accounts create are not deletable anyway. There are several reasons for this restriction. Let’s say, you have an account that had a number of transactions on it. It may have an amount. So, say, an account has 50000$ on it, if you delete the account, where it’ll be listed? And also, an account has reflected on the ledger and other reports, which will break as well.


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      Arif Aldoseri

      That’s good but why I’m not able to modify the name of an aacount that I created for testing that has no transactions. Let’s say for wrong spelling. This is strange, there’s an option to Edit but it does nothing.

      maybe you can give more permissions for an admin to fix things.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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