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      ive wonder is there any chance / possibility to change fields that are used in assets, and assets table ?
      For eg. in the main view of assets i dont need dates (When the item was bought), more vital information I need is eg. what specs are of assets, or where asset is. Are custom fields plugin only for HR? Is any way to rework/redesign assets?

      Best regards!

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      Hello pluszowyjesiotr,

      I am really sorry to inform you that the Custom Field builder works with the HR and CRM module. It does not allow you to create a field on the Assets Manager. If you want to add an extra field to the assets area then you may need to modify the Asset Manager module.

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      Thanks for reply.
      How can I – in simple way- modify Asset Manager?
      Is it possible somehow by wordpress panel or im obligated to make “stiches in code”? 😉

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      Hello pluszowyjesiotr,

      You’ll need to customize the Core Asset Manager in that case which will require custom coding actually.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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