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      The use of schedules for contacts is currently limited:

      Is there a development in the near future of the following functions;
      1. Edit a calendar item by clicking on it. At the present time we have only the possibility of visualizing it, we can not modify it directly. You have to go through the contact to make the schedule change. The same criticism applies to the dashboard when we click on detail of an upcoming schedules
      In daily or weekday viewing, all schedules are recorded at the top of the page in the “all day” section , despite the recorded hours of the event.
      2. In the day or week view, it would be greatly appreciated if the hours divided into half an hour or a quarter of an hour appear in the left column and the hours allotted to an appointment draw a block, corresponding to the duration of the schedule and that it can be edited with the function to click drag of the mouse.

      You sell add-ons for your “wp erp” plugin (which I bought), however there are still important basic functions to complete and debug before adding paid plugin features…

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      Firstly, thank you for your suggestions. At present we are working on some core features and leave management of WP ERP. So actually, we can move from the current task after we are done with it. But I have noted your suggestions as feature request and will surely discuss it with the development team.

      And we have a dedicated support team to provide you the best. For the support of our paid add-ons, we always appreciate you to contact us directly via “[email protected]

      Once again, thanks for your suggestions 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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