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      I am experiencing the following can anyone help.

      1. SMTP is setup correctly and tested okay, however emails are not sent via smtp. WPERP decides to use the gmail api setup. So when email is sent the receiver will se a gmail address instead of company domain.

      2. tried setting up pop3 with the correct credentials , port 110 /none I also tried port 465/SSL and both fail to authenticate.

      So my questions is how can I send emails from [email protected]

      My advice is to simplify the email setup… why should people create their own gmail api, when this can be done from developers side once?

      I like the product, however the email settings need working on.

      Thank you.

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      Christian Ahlqvist

      I am too discovering issues with Email.
      I am trying to figure out if by using Announcements this will send an email to the users or just post on the site.
      Do you know as I am not able to get any emails sent in my system.

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      Hello @Cyrus,

      Please find your answers as follows:

      1. You can actually use your won SMTP but maybe you got confused to see the google SMTP help text. This is just a help text actually->

      2. I’m sorry but not sure why you are getting authentication failing issue but this is not something usual. In would be very great if you can contact our support center.


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      Hello @Christian Ahlqvist,

      You are also requested to contact our support center in case you need any help configuring the SMTP 🙂


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      [email protected]

      I have exactly the same scenario as Cyrus and have also contacted support but to no avail. If the email function worked this would be an excellent product but without it, it just doesn’t provide the complete solution I am looking for. This email issue has been a problem for years. Why has it not yet been resolved? Can someone explain what the issue is? Support only told me that they were aware of the issue but didn’t even explain what it was.

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      [email protected]

      I received an email that the imap issue was resolved but I still am unable to get incoming email.

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      Tanvir Chowdhury

      Hello @[email protected]

      Would you share your ticket number here?
      The support team will give you a follow-up to your ticket and you are requested to respond as well.
      Or you can contact the support team to mention your issue by creating a new ticket.


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      Hello there,

      I hope you guys are doing well.
      I apologize for the late response. This forum has been closed and I am going to close this topic.
      Please feel free to contact us directly-> so that we can help you soon.


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