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      We have invested many hours into setting up the ERP Accounting module and invoicing for our own use before deploying it for clients; however we keep running into one problem after the other.

      1. The emailed and PDF exported invoices are mis-formatted and missing tax information. See screenshot here:

      2. The front-end displayed invoice is readable; but the Stripe Payment gateway generates a null ‘receipt_email’ field to Stripe — so Stripe can not and does not email a receipt after payment

      3. Invoice attachments are not included with emailed invoices and is not accessible on the front-end — so it seems to have no practical purpose

      The net effect is that the invoicing feature appears to be incomplete and practically unusable:
      1. We can’t use it to generate a usable PDF invoice to print and mail or email to customers
      2. We can’t use the email link feature to deliver a usable invoice via email
      3. The front-end accessible invoice does not allow Stripe to email a receipt for successful credit card payment

      What started out as excitement to use this very promising WP-ERP feature has turned into surprise, frustration and concern that what we thought was a solid ERP solution might actually be riddled with a thousand defects like this that our customers will run into one by one.

      Please let me know that I am mistaken or let me know what the plan is to correct these defects.

      Thanks guys, please restore my faith in the WP-ERP team!


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      Hi Shawon,

      Thanks for your replies to the support tickets which will address the key issues we’ve encountered. I appreciate the team’s responsiveness and look forward to testing the fixes!

      Thank you!

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      Shawon Chowdhury


      Thanks for contacting our support.
      And we really appreciate your continued cooperation with us.

      Cheers 🙂

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