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      Shawn Genoway

      I noticed when creating a Purchase Order, that for the Vendor Name is uses the First and Last Name entered when you create the vendor versus the company name. I am doing a workaround now by splitting the vendor name between first and last but not ideal. Thank you.

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      Hello Shawn,

      I’m sorry but I did not get your query. Can you explain a bit more in preciously?


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      Shawn Genoway

      Hi Mehedi,

      Not a problem and thank you for the quick response. To replicate the issue, in the accounting module add a new vendor. Put the first name as Sales and the second name as Person. Call the company Test.

      Next go to Accounting > Transactions > Purchasing
      Click New Transaction > Create New Purchase (As a side question I am assuming this means requisition – a fair assumption?) or New Purchase Order and the blank form pops up.

      Select the dropdown for Vendor* and you will see that instead of the company name Test, it shows the first and last name, in the test example – Sales Person. The expectation would be that the company is the vendor.

      Please let me know if this helps or if more questions. As another aside so that I know when submitting, what is the wait time before I can submit another post? 60 minutes? I assume you have the time out built-in for security purposes.

      Thank you,

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