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Inbound emails not retrieved. IMAP connection tests fine.

Home Forums CRM Inbound emails not retrieved. IMAP connection tests fine.

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    • #11061
      Jennifer Jennings

      This is a repeat of several other forum posts but I didn’t see any information posted to fix the issue other than to check permission settings on the email servers. I have done this and have confirmed that there are not additional settings to configure on the emails server. I have checked to make sure that cron is running our hosting platform. I am able to send an email to a CRM contact, but when I reply to that email the inbound email never appears.

    • #11100
      Shawon Chowdhury


      Actually, we’ve made huge changes in the core codes of WP ERP and huge improvement has already been implemented recently.
      Still, we are working on the improvement of queries and after that, we’ll work on this.
      Hoping this will be fixed in future releases.

      Thank you 🙂

    • #11154

      I have exactly the same problem.
      Inbound emails never appear.

    • #11164
      Shawon Chowdhury


      We’ve got several feedbacks on this. Please wait until next release.

      Thanks 🙂

    • #13042
      Jennifer Jennings

      Well, post update, emails still are not being retrieved. Is there a way that we could receive some support on this?

    • #13068
      Shawon Chowdhury


      This has been resolved. It seems we need to have a closer look at your site.
      Please contact our support “[email protected]” so that we may solve it earlier.

      Thanks 🙂

    • #40323
      Jerome Ricketts

      I am now experiencing this issue and for some reason I still can’t get it to work.

    • #105457
      [email protected]

      Have we had an fixes for this?

    • #106925

      I am using version 1.10.5 and the settings and email test are correct. But I can not receive incoming emails. Can you help me?

    • #107581
      [email protected]

      my email tests say that my email setup is successful but I still don’t get any email. I submitted a ticket, provided access to my site and someone says they checked my site and understand my problem but there has been no fix, nor was I provided with details of what the problem is. I’m VERY unhappy with the service provided for this issue. I was excited about the product and ready to upgrade but the solution is incomplete without email access. The sad part is, this has been an ongoing issue for years. You would think something like this wouldn’t be so complicated but here we are.

    • #111178
      Tanvir Chowdhury

      Hello [email protected],

      Would you share your ticket no. here? or you can create a new ticekt regarding your issue.
      Our supoort team will respond to your query and guide you thoroughly.


    • #114931

      Hello there,

      I hope you guys are doing well.
      I apologize for the late response. This forum has been closed and I am going to close this topic.
      Please feel free to contact us directly-> https://wperp.com/contact/ so that we can help you soon.


Viewing 11 reply threads
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