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      When I insert a line in the invoice and choose the product I have to digit manually the price, instead of taking it from inventory. Is it possible to change this beaviour?
      Also, when generating the PDF of invoice, it would be useful to display product code and product name instead of only its description (again manually entered and not taken from inventory records). Is it possible to change even this one?
      Thank you!

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      Hello @tangostorm

      It’s the normal behavior not to take the price from the inventory. I’m sorry but no, it’s not possible to change it by default without customization. Same for the invoice.

      However, I’m taking your requests on our feature request note. We may consider adding this in the future if we get similar requests few more.


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      Dear Mehedi, thank you very much for your reply. Is there any documentation to dig in to understand how customize it (my product code is EAN13 and I need to display it)?
      Or, could you point me in the right direction please?
      By the way if you need assistance in building a complete documentation, I am at disposal!

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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