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      Dear Support

      I have tested the demo but I found some constraints & complexity in this plugin.

      Mentioned below is my requirement and please guide how we can achieve the desired result.

      Step 1: Importing contacts/leads with custom field from various sources i.e. excel, google sheet, facebook, online XML file (via link) and APIs.
      Step 2: Bulk assign / auto assign leads to different agents/users
      Step 3: Agents/user can view their leads only (can’t edit) in table view format and update status as interested to buy, not interested, follow up etc. (dropdown option) and write their remarks within the same table, instead of clicking on individual leads then opening their window and write there.
      Step 4: If the status is selected as “Interested” by agent then the lead will be forwarded to another tab/filter which can be viewed by all the agents. I know I can create filter as “Interested” but the leads will only appear in individual agent dashboard. I want all the selections of “Interested” to appear at one place & all the agents can view others “Interested” availability. The purpose is to filter the “Interested” people from agents/users individual dashboard to be viewed by everyone.
      Step 5: Management can give their feedback/remarks on any activity/lead update performed by agents and they will be notified.
      Step 6: Management can view multiple graph of agents activity by custom selecting the fields/columns to analyze the agents performance & result.
      Step 7: Monthly report will be generated automatically and manual report upon clicking.

      I hope the above requirements can be fulfilled with some modification. Looking forward for a positive response. Thanks!

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      Hello there,

      I hope you guys are doing well.
      I apologize for the late response. This forum has been closed and I am going to close this topic.
      Please feel free to contact us directly-> https://wperp.com/contact/ so that we can help you soon.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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