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      Cameron Barrett

      I would love to be able to configure which columns in WP Admin are visible by default. Especially in CRM –> Contacts

      I have absolutely no use for “Email Address” “Phone Number” to be displayed here.

      Yes, I can Filter the results how I need, but the default columns shown are not useful. and the ability to have a column showing a Custom Field I added would be excellent.

      See the WordPress plugin called ‘Admin Columns” to understand this functionality. I have it installed and activated and your tables are not configurable using this plugin. Perhaps it’s a simple hook you can turn on in your next release.

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      Hello @Cameron

      Columns are fixed on the contacts list view page at this moment and it’s really hard to pull the custom field here as people may have fields with the different meta keys.

      However, I’m taking your request on our feature request log. We may consider adding this in the future if we get similar requests a few more.

      At this moment, you can change it yourself from the file: ‘……/wp-erp/modules/crm/views/contact.php’ . This is written in Vue.js though.


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      Hi there,

      +1 for this feature. It would be really good if we can edit what column to be visible on the Contact page. From what I can see the column header is fixed on this file crm-contact.js

      If it’s not too much maybe you can add an action hook on class-ajax.php and a filter hook on crm-contact.js?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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