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      Hello guys. Thanks for the great work.
      I am wondering how to deal with taxes, payments and deductions in the payroll extension.
      It only allows addition and subtraction to the basic pay.
      In my country , there are taxes paid by the employer outside the employee’s basic salary.
      How do I represent those entries?
      Because it keeps deducting from employee’s basic when I create those entries.
      Thanks in advance

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      When you run a pay calendar, you can insert the variable with non-taxable payments as well. But having tax with the final amount is not available at this moment. Though we have a plan for this and we may bring this in the near future 🙂


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      thanks for your help! I did it.

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      Yes It is use on pay calendar and it is also manage easily. Thanks

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      I just finished reading your ebook and found it extremely informative! Thank you for making your e-book available for free!!!
      How would you handle a situation where someone has not been disclosing their income sources?
      Example: a doctor makes $100K per year but his wife works at McDonald’s and brings home $20K per year after they have filed their tax return. He is afraid that he may get audited if he discloses her employment. Do you still recommend that we disclose our spouses gross monthly wage? Would this jeopardize our refund?
      Thank You!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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