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      Hi – I just found your plugin today and it looks like a great solution. I do have an issue though. I created a brand new WP install (at WPEngine) and when using TwentySixteen theme (or any theme) when WPERP is active, the save function on users is not visible.

      If I deactivate the plugin it works fine, so it must be something with the plugin. I have no other plugins running at all.

      Any suggestions?

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      Hello Sundial Studios,
      Did you check with any other theme to make sure that this particular theme is conflicting with the plugin?
      And please check your browser console to know if there is a JS issue.

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      I know it’s pretty late to reply to this thread, but I think my opinion can be helpful for someone, So I don’t recommend to download too many plugins because of these conflicts, So I prefer shortcodes for customization rather than a plugin; only install those plugins that are effective for the growth of the website, What do you think?

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      Sometime It is happen due to bug. So It is need to check and Update with new version

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      It happens when you are using heavy plugins. I’d suggest you to use these plugins;

Viewing 4 reply threads
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