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      I have just active Accounting Module and play with it. I have some question on it and hope you can help

      1. I have create 2 sales invoice
      – INV-0002 – Amount $5000 (Awaiting Payment)
      – INV-0010 – Amount $2970 (Received and Complete)
      But Payment Pie Chart at the top of page showing $7970 Received and $5000 Outstanding, it should be $2970 Received and $5000 Outstanding

      2. For the Invoice Number, I have manual input INV-0010, afterward I create another one, the invoice number back to INV-0003 not start from the latest, how can I set the initial serial number?

      3. I cannot find the way to setup the Opening Balance/Initial Balance of Bank Account and Petty Cash, I have reference on topic

      how to add Opening Balance

      But still fail, can you teach me in step?

      Thanks a lot

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      Shawon Chowdhury


      1. I will check this on my local side and update you.
      2. Invoice serial no is actually generating serial wise (First one as 01, the second one as 02 and so on)
      3. While adding opening balance you have to enter the same value in credit and debit (it’s a basic rule of accounting)

      Thanks 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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