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      I want to create a report in Netsuite ERP that shows me the information about Departments Sales and Budget by Month. I think I can achieve this by creating a saved search that chooses these items, however, I don’t understand under which category I can find these fields. A saved search would be ideal as I am trying to automate the reports in a java application, and I discovered that I can call the savedSearch results.

      I found the Department under the standard Criteria in the subcategory “Owner…” and I added a Date standard criteria with the values “within this month”, however, I have not found the group that contains all the Sales/Income/Margin or the budget (though, I found an aggregation sum function that may be used along with a field). I will appreciate any help. Also, will the addition of these fileds be enough to get the Sales X Department X Date information or do I have to use a different join method?


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      I’m sorry but is the query about WPERP or it’s about the Netsuite? I’m a bit confused!


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