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      Are there any companies OR plugins where we can optimize this solution to our needs, below are the kinda things we need:

      At minimum a QuickBooks desktop replacement (sales (products), staff, timesheets and billing), ive listed a few of them below, all of which we actually do and use QuickBooks desktop (not the cloud based version) so this has to be working once its installed and in use. At least means we know what we are looking for…..

      – Invoices need hidden fields as below (we do all of this in QuickBooks desktop)
      : Quantity, Part number, description, price, total (all printed on the invoice)
      : Manufacture part number — supplier reference (not printed on the invoice)
      – Invoice template for PDF generation (they have to look like our past invoices)
      – Calendar showing invoices and dates created
      – Calendar to be able to auto create bills for reoccurring service

      TIMESHEETS – Time sheets need the below fields:
      : Start time, end time, date, hours worked, client, is billable, product line to bill, description (shows on invoice)(
      : Billable hours (which can be differetn from the hours worked)

      STAFF – Needs to be able to handle staff, paid from the above timesheet contents (hours worked)
      – Time sheet needs to have auto settings like auto adding lunch breaks (this is a legal thing in canada to make sure its enforced)
      – Leave days (holiday requests, ill days and leave days)
      – Taxation schedules relating to pay like tax and other government related employee taxtation
      – Timesheet than has access outside for staff to be able to log work hours (and details for invoicing)

      – Product groups, part numbers and descriptions
      – Taxation settings for each product

      – Ability to add clients, email addresses to allow pushing invoices to clients
      – Be able to review invoices BEFORE pushing them to the client

      CRM – This is new for use
      – We would like to have a calendar with at least being able to see bills sent to these clients
      – View changes on that calendar by tile view or list view
      – Review invoices BEFORE they are sent to the client
      – Ability to send invoices direct to the client from the ERP system (as PDF attachments)
      – PDF invoice has to be of our template (mentioned above)

      We do have a trial installed, however it appears money is required to get the modules working, so i need to review the above before any R&D money is pushed in to this system

      Many Thanks

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      I’m sorry but I’m not going to reply based on the whole requirements you shared as it doesn’t fulfill your very first and must requirement- which is to be a desktop application. WPERP is a cloud-based solution, not a desktop application.

      So, I’m leaving it here if someone can suggest anything else but if you consider the cloud-based solution, feel free to let us know. We’d love to serve you 🙂


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      I am aware of how this works, its private cloud which fulfills the security requirements, as i stated i have a test environment running, we have control of the web server and SQL database.

      The point if saying we are using Quickbooks desktop is thats nothing like Quickbooks Cloud, so it needs to be stated when referring to features that Quickboks desktop can do.

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