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      I don’t see anywhere the details about server requirements for best operation or minimum requirements ?
      Server Ram amount?
      Hosting Type? Shared? VPS? Managed?
      Processing Speed? Locked or Unlocked cpu on accounts
      Speed of processing/ I/O suggestions?

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      It doesn’t have any special requirements actually. You can use it on a server/hosting where WordPress installed and WordPress is running smoothly.

      However, if you have a large number of users(CRM contacts or Employee or Customer), then you might need better disk space and a ram for processing.


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      The Hr front end is super slow, we’ve been with the same provider for 3yrs, Inmotion Hosting, top tier stuff but we’ve not needed something more until wperp hr front end plugin. We’re not complaining or unhappy but are having serious issues with I/O usage and Memory going to 96% to 100%. It appears we only have 1GB ram and it get’s pegged running hr front end with a single contact and it is slow to load contents it’s pulling into front end. Anything you can do to help us over the next couple of weeks would be greatly appreciated and we will help you as best we can to help you any way we can.

      also keep getting a red bar in the top right hand corner that comes into page that says undefined and goes away.

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      Bandwidth: 1.92 GB / ∞
      MySQL® Disk Usage: 24.95 MB / 1.85 GB (1.32%)
      Disk Space: 2GB FREE space over and above where wperp is installed currently.
      Physical Memory 1 GB

      We are looking at upgrading to VPS with 4GB ram and 4TB bandwidth with SSD, Perl 7.3, which we run now.

      What size ram is running wperp? Dedicated managed? CPU? We selected you guys because of the growth potential of working with you but want to give your product the proper place to run fast, please advise because it is impacting what has been a super fast server up to this point. Thank you for your information and quick response, we like what we see so far but are experiencing challenges implementing with current server as listed.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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