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      Steven Paul

      Although I believe I have Twilio setup correctly with all the correct information in the settings tab of SMS the recipients are still not receiving messages although the Contacts back office is showing them as sent. They are also not being registered by Twilio as a sent message. Thanks for your help.

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      @Steven Paul,

      Thanks for writing to our forum.
      If you are using Twilio free account, then both sender and receiver need to be verified in twilio (It’s a twilo feature).
      Imagine you are registered as a free user and trying to send SMS to another. In this case, you have to verify that number at first to make successful SMS communication.

      Let me know if you are a pro user of Twilio but still facing this issue.


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      Steven Paul

      Thank you for your reply. I am currently using the free account because I started off with Nexmo and it wasn’t working there either. However, I have purchased a number from Twilio and verified the number receiver number and I am still not getting messages sent. I really would rather not get any more money wrapped up in something that isn’t working. Any ideas?

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      @Steven Paul,

      It seems like we need to check your settings.
      Please contact our support team at “[email protected]” for more help.

      Thanks 🙂

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      I am using SMS Global and the SMS is not sending?

Viewing 5 reply threads
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