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      Arif Aldoseri

      Hi Guys,

      How can I use WP ERP to properly calculate social insurance deductions?

      The case is,
      1- Employee contribution is 5% of basic salary
      2- Employer’s contribution is 15% of basic salary

      How can I deduct 5% from employees salary?
      How can I set aside 15% of employee’s salary.

      mmmm not clear maybe. What I want to do is take 5% of basic salary and add 15% to it so I can pay it to ministry of social insurance

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      Hello @Aldoseri

      Social Insurance or Provident Fund feature is not available with the WPERP at this moment. However, we have a plan to bring this feature in the near future if we get a similar request a few more.


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      Arif Aldoseri

      Why wait for the future to come? Let’s make it today
      How much will it cost to develop such functionality?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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