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      Hello Shawon and Team,

      We are continually impressed by how complete WP-ERP is! We have purchased the Payment Gateway to use on our site before activating it on two of our client sites. So far we have completed the following:

      1. Set up the payment gateway and configured it for Stripe on our website
      2. Created and configured Strip account
      3. Tested operation between WP-ERP Accounting and Stripe — works great in test mode
      4. Set up TaxJar integration with Stripe to handle State Sales Tax calculation and and Payment
      5. Put Stripe into Live mode

      We are now ready to issue our first live invoice with Stripe payment enabled. However, we now have a question (maybe an issue) regarding the presentation of Tax on the invoice and the interaction with Stripe when Stripe is configured to calculate, collect and remit tax via the Stripe-TaxJar integration.

      Here is the issue and question:

      If we enable tax on the WP-ERP Accounting invoice, WP-ERP generates an invoice with sub total, tax and total. This is good since we want the customer to see the total and the breakout of services and taxes. However, the total price (including tax) is then presented to Stripe, and Stripe-TaxJar integration will subsequently invoke TaxJar to calculate taxes and add them to the invoice total.

      Question: Does the Payment Gateway – Stripe integration take Stripe – Tax Provider integration into account to avoid double-charging tax?

      Please advise,



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      Shawon Chowdhury


      Thanks for contacting us at “[email protected]” regarding this issue.
      Will continue following those tickets there and sort it out.

      Cheers 🙂

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      Thanks Shawon and team.

      I look forward to your update.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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