Unit price not accepting not more than two digits.

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      Unit price not accepting not more than two digits

      same problem in Payments/Invoices/Expense

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      There is a setting in ERP Settings > Settings > Accounting, you can chose the number of decimals you can use. Did you try that?

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      Hello Tareq,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Am talking about digits not decimals.. Unit price not accepting more than two digits
      For Example: I want to set Unit price as 1234
      ie Unit Price: 1234

      Currently am able to enter only Unit Price: 12
      rest digits ie 34 not accepting in the Uniti price field , its getting truncated

      Hope am clear?

      Basavaraj N W
      +91 9096 900 128

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      Nizam Uddin

      Hello Basavaraj

      It was a bug and we fixed it. This problem will no longer in next update. In you existing version, you need to do the following task

      Navigate to ERP Settings > Settings > Accounting and click Save Changes , hope problem will be solved.

      If problem exist, please let me know.

      You will get latest developed version here https://github.com/wp-erp/accounting
      Thank you..

Viewing 3 reply threads
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