7 Best Support Ticket System for WordPress Compared

7 Best Support Ticket System for WordPress Compared

Every website aims to reach its target audience and satisfy them. A smooth user experience is one of the most important aspects of a website that contributes to optimal customer satisfaction. No matter what websites you run, from blogging sites to eCommerce stores, users may have questions or issues regarding your website. That’s where a support ticket plugin comes into the picture and that is when you need the best support ticket system for your WordPress site.

Integrating a support ticket system into a WordPress website is easier than you think. There are many quality helpdesk plugins for WordPress. However, the challenge lies in choosing the best support ticket systems for WordPress websites.

In this article, we’ll help you get an overview of top-quality WordPress support plugins and guide you through the ways to choose the perfect one for your website. 

Why use a support ticket system for WordPress?

WordPress support ticket systems streamline the customer service process of WordPress-powered websites. They allow users to create support tickets using their integrated functionality. The best support system also offers an omnichannel ticketing system, including social media, messaging apps, and other available channels. 

Now the question is why you may need to use a support ticket system for your WordPress website. Managing support rockets manually is a hectic job. You can automate the support ticketing system using multiple applications. Why would you do that when you can manage all your tickets with a single WordPress plugin? 

An effective support ticket system can save you hundreds of hours, reduce your workload, and allow you to respond faster. Along with these amazing advantages, you should use a support ticket system for WordPress to reap the following benefits. 

Benefits of support ticket system on WordPress site

You can benefit from a support ticket system to a great extent, especially if you’re offering products or services via your WordPress websites. Here’s a list of the benefits of support ticket systems for WordPress websites. 

  • Your representatives can engage in an interactive chat thread with the visitors/readers
  • They can instantly respond to the queries of visitors
  • The support tickets can be managed via the WordPress dashboard
  • You’ll get deep insights into the problems your target audiences face
  • You can build a high level of trust with your visitors/ customers. 

Top 7 support ticket plugins for WordPress

The WordPress ecosystem is rich with useful plugins and themes in its repository. No matter what features and functionalities you need, there are a few plugins to help you solve the problems. Likewise, there are many WordPress support ticket systems available at your disposal. We’ve listed only the deserving plugins here so you can make an educated decision when choosing the right support ticket systems for your WordPress website.  

1. Zendesk


Zendesk plays it nicely with WordPress. You can convert blog comments into a support ticket or add a live chat option to your WordPress website with Zendesk. The Zendesk dashboard allows you to manage all tickets and comments from one place. Let’s know the key features of this support plugin. 

Key Features

  • Omnichannel messaging across social media, mobile, and web
  • Live chat, voice, email, and SMS support
  • Easy to configure the automation process
  • AI-powered automated replies
  • Effective reporting, data generation, and analytics
  • Secure file and data storage
  • Integrations of 1000+ applications
  • Cloud-based effective solution
  • Personalized feedback tab
  • Self-service functionality for the users
  • Free trial for 30 days


Zendesk has multiple packages to meet the demands of both small and large businesses. The Suit Team package starts from $49, and the Suite Enterprise package starts from $150. You can see the details on the pricing page.

2. Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Awesome Support is dedicatedly made for WordPress only. It has over 10,000 active users with decent user ratings. It shows complete ticket stories, sends automated email notifications, automatically assigns tickets to the agents, adds custom ticket submission fields, and lets users do a lot more. Here are the key features:

Key Features

  • Unlimited tickets, agents, and users
  • Multiple file attachments to support tickets
  • Shows the history of each ticket
  • 12+ custom fields for the ticket forms
  • Time tracking for the support agents
  • Ticket importing system from Zebdesk, Ticksy, and Helpscout
  • eCommerce integration for WooCommerce, Envato, and Easy Digital Downloads
  • 28+ premium add-ons 


This tool has four packages with different prices to help both small and large organizations. The prices are $149/year, $229/year, $289/year, and $409/year for Standard Bundle, Professional Bundle, Enterprise Bundle, and Agency Bundle, respectively. It also has a free version available on WordPress.org. 

3. Help Scout

Help Scout

Help Scout is one of the most popular helpdesk plugins available in the WordPress ecosystem. It offers multiple automation features with more than 50 integrations. Help Scout is growing bigger with a 94% customer happiness rating. Let’s know what features help Help Scout to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. 

Key Features

  • Receive all the messages in a shared inbox
  • Send private messages to teammates for collaboration
  • Insert saved replies to answer FAQs
  • Get in-depth reports in CSV/XLS formats
  • Deliver instant answers using the knowledge base
  • Speed up the support process with live chat
  • Personalized and flexible messaging
  • Automate repetitive work to keep the response time lower
  • Help Scout support integrations with almost all popular tools


Help Scout has two pricing options- annual and monthly. The annual pack starts at $20 per user per month, and the monthly pack starts at $25 per user per month. It also has a unique price point for non-profit organizations and startups. Know the details from the pricing page

4. SupportCandy


SupportCandy allows users to enable ticketing forms with pre-built shortcodes. You can assign specific users the role of Support Agents who can access the dashboard and take care of the support tickets in the queue. SupportCandy offers multiple amazing features at affordable prices. 

Key Features

  • Customers can create an unlimited number of tickets 
  • You can assign an unlimited number of agents
  • Over 12 custom fields facilitate the ticket replying process
  • Visitors can create tickets as guests without logging in
  • Agents can put private notes for other agents for future use
  • Instilled with an advanced ticket-filtering feature
  • It comes with fast and effective 100% Ajax functionality
  • You can use this plugin in any language
  • It works perfectly with the multi-site network
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee


SupportCandy has a free version with limited features. The starter package is available at $49. You can get the standard package loaded with multiple features at $99. See the details on SupportCandy’s pricing page


FAST is renowned for the fast response time it offers. It focuses on reducing customers’ waiting time. It works well with any WordPress website and WooCommerce store. You can easily customize the ticket submission forms that appear on the front end. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate on the back end. Let’s see how FAST helps WordPress users manage their support ticketing systems. 

Key Features

  • Super-fast response time 
  • Compatible with email, Slack, and web browsers
  • No need for extra add-ons 
  • Unlimited agents and tickets
  • Allows chatting without logging in (using only email)
  • Custom fields for ticket submission form
  • In-depth reports and analytics dashboard
  • Works well with WooCommerce e-shops
  • Translatable to any language
  • Responsive across all screens and devices


FAST is available at codecanyon. You can get their support ticket service plugin for as low as $39. 

6. Fluent Support

Fluent Support

Fluent Support is a fast-loading and easy-to-use helpdesk system fully integrated into WordPress. It does not limit the user to an agent number or ticket number. You can add up to 500 business email pipes to streamline your multidivisional setup. And in addition, automation gives your agent a boost in productivity. That’s why 6,000+ businesses trust it.

Key Features

  • Automatic agent assignment
  • Customizable ticket submission portal
  • CRM integration to trigger automated email
  • Automated reply and automated workflow
  • Private note-taking for agents only
  • 20+ integrations
  • Upto 500 email pipes
  • Email CC for tickets
  • Advanced conditional filtering
  • Custom field
  • Easy ticket escalation
  • Priority support

Fluent Support has three tiers of pricing. Starting from a single site, it costs $129; for five sites, it costs $249; and for 50 sites, it costs $399 per year. All three tires have all the features that come out of the box. So no add-ons. It also has a free version that you can download from WordPress.org.

7. WSDesk – ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System


WSDesk is based on AJAX, making it easier to operate for both support agents and website visitors. The tool emphasizes the importance of data security. It stores all data in your internal system instead of keeping them in the cloud. It has other exciting features to help you manage the support ticket system for your WordPress website. 

Key Features

  • No limit for agent profiles and ticket numbers
  • AJAX-based design with an easy-to-use interface
  • You can limit the viewers of custom tickets
  • Automated actions and triggers based on tailored conditions 
  • Integration of Google Chat with the ticketing system
  • Email-based communication 
  • Allows canned responses and rich text formatting
  • Data-based insights and survey report
  • You can analyze agents’ performance 
  • Integrated with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


WSDesk comes with three packages. You can buy it at $89 for a single website, $129 for up to five websites, and $249 for up to 25 websites. 

8. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is famous for its omnichannel support solutions equipped with advanced automation, social media integrations, live chat options, and call center functionalities. This tool comes with 130+ ticketing features that work well with 200+ applications. You can offer personalized support for the customers based on their location, session duration, and browsing behavior. 

Key Features

  • Personalized live chat 
  • Social media integration
  • Omnichannel ticketing system
  • An unlimited number of agents
  • Unlimited support ticket history
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Real-time site visitors monitoring
  • Call center and video call support
  • Time tracking for each ticket


LiveAgent offers a free version of the software with limited features. It has three paid options – $15/agent/month for only ticketing- $29/agent/month for tickets and chats, and $49/agent/month for the ticket, chats, calls, and other support services. 

Special mentions of some more support ticket plugins

While we mentioned the top 7 in the list above, we can’t help but list the three more reliable helpdesk solutions for their amazing features and goodwill in the WordPress community. 

Richpanel Richpanel is an easy-to-use customer service solution for mainly eCommerce. It allows the help agents to resolve issues within 60 seconds. Customers can track orders, request exchanges, ask for returns, and send their queries through Richpanel. Richpanel also plays nice with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. 
WooCommerce Support Ticket SystemWhen it comes to setting up an online store in WordPress, WooCommerce is there to your rescue. And, Dokan Multivendor comes into the scene when it’s about creating a multivendor eCommerce site.  Dokan and WooCommerce combinedly help users build powerful multivendor online stores. The WooCommerce Support Ticket System efficiently manages support tickets for orders and user issues. 
HelpwiseHelpwise is a popular helpdesk tool that focuses on communicating with customers via shared inbox instead of support tickets. It offers personalized customer support through emails. It is an easy-to-use, feature-loaded, user-friendly email support system for businesses of all sizes. You can consider taking their services if you want to shift to a non-ticket support system. 

Comparison table – best support ticket system for WordPress

Now that you know the key features each of the best support ticket systems for WordPress has, let’s see what they offer in terms of prices, money-back guarantee, and free versions. The pricing of each plugin depends on various factors. There’s no flat pricing that we can add to this comparison chart. Visit the pricing pages to know the details. 

PluginFree Version?Pricing PagesMoney-Back Guarantee?
ZendeskNoZendesk PricesN/A
Awesome SupportYesPricing- Awesome SupportN/A
Help ScoutNoHelp Scout PricingN/A
SupportCandyYesPricing- SupportCandy30 Days
FASTNoFAST by oxygennaN/A
WSDeskNoWSDesk Prices30 Days
LiveAgentYesLiveAgent PricingN/A

Things to look for in a support ticket system

You may wonder what’s the need for buying a product if you can manage a support ticketing system for free with its free version. Yes, you can perform minimal and basic work with a free tool. But, you need the premium version to unleash the full potential of a support ticket system for WordPress. Whether you’re looking for a free or premium version, make sure that your support ticket system can do the following things:

  • Ensure seamless customer experience across all available platforms
  • Turn blog comments or questions instantly into support tickets
  • Offer WordPress support and release new updates 
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Collect support tickets from many sources in one place
  • Allow self-service support for the users
  • Scalable solution that can add agents, brands, and websites in unlimited numbers
  • Integrate with other popular tools like Slack, Salesforce, WooCommerce, and more
  • Provide in-depth reports to track the stats
  • Offer a high level of trust and enhanced security

You can buy a WordPress helpdesk plugin if it comprises the above-mentioned things along with the basic features a regular support ticket system offers. 

Choose the best support ticket system for WordPress

Eventually, it comes down to choosing the best option suitable for your needs. There’s no definite winner here. Each support ticket system offers something different at different prices. You need to identify your needs and fit your budget. Then choose the best WordPress plugin that aligns with your business goals. 

Since most of these helpdesk tools are available as SaaS and WordPress plugins, you need to be very careful when initiating the discussion. Clarify that you’re going to use the tool for WordPress upfront. Ensure that your chosen tool will get full WordPress support if there’s an issue. 

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