How to Use Saved Search Properly in Your WordPress CRM Tool

How to Use Saved Search Properly in Your WordPress CRM Tool

There are many CRM tools on the WordPress Market and most of them includes searching and filtering options. However, you will hardly find any WordPress CRM plugin that has advanced searching based on different criteria. If you are running a business, then you must know how important it is to segment your contact list. You can easily launch campaigns targeting certain portion of your customer base and it may result in a huge success.

This is why most of the business owners just like you, want CRM solutions. If you can’t get search segment and saved search feature, why would you waste your time on those crappy solutions?

Don’t worry, WP ERP has you covered! WP ERP CRM has more advanced search feature named Segment Search which can be saved for future use! Today we are going to write about this great feature of CRM with the detailed use cases.

What is Segment Search?

Segment Search is a searching process in which it will search based on different conditions and criteria. Unlike random search, it is capable of searching in the smartest way that saves your time and effort. It’s very useful where there are a lot of variations in a single list. If you want to find out the best result in the shortest time, then nothing is better than segment search. And guess what? You can find it within WP ERP CRM.

Why You Need Segment Search?

You may need to restrict your search to a specific part or segment of a contact, such as a finding a list of customers those purchased some specific products. As different types of contacts have different segments, its difficult to find out certain people.

Imagine a scenario where you have a big list of contacts where some are subscribers, some are customers, some are leads, some are the opportunity. Think that, you need the contacts who are customers. In this case, you can use segment search and set condition like “Find them whose life stage = customer”. And this will list out all the contacts with this life stage. Simple, isn’t it?

So it’s obviously an easy and time-saving way to search using segments rather than typical general search.

What is Saved Search?

Generally, Saved Search refers to storing a search result. And it can be used in the future for several purposes. But the main purpose of saving search is to store the search result of course.

Use of Segment Search and Saved Search in CRM

WP ERP CRM has both segment search and saved search features. Segment search makes searching easier and pointed. You can save this segment search result as a filter for future use in CRM.

Another great feature is that you can save the contacts got from the search in CRM Contact Groups.

Let’s see how it works

Go to: wp-admin → CRM → Contacts

To search using segment click “Search Segment”

How to use saved search in WPERP

Now add filter according to your needs.
Here, we are setting a condition like- If contact’s “life stage” = “customer” then search for it.

How to use filters in saved search option of WPERP

All the contacts that satisfy “life stage = customer” will be listed.

For future use, we can save this segment by clicking on Save New Segment.

Now this segment will be visible in Filter by Segment field.

Just selecting this filter will bring the relevant contacts list!

You can add countless more filters and conditions as you prefer to view your contacts list!

Saving Search Result 

You can even save this result as a contact group in CRM!

Just click on “Save Contact Group”

Provide a name for this contact group and hit “save”.

After successful contact group creation, you will get a success message like this screenshot.

Now you will see this contact group listed under wp-admin → CRM →  Contact Groups

What’s Next?

As you can see it’s really easy to use search segment and saved search in WP ERP CRM module. You can effectively create segments based on your requirements and create individual lists out of it. You can even save the search result for later use. Besides that, the saved search automatically updates when newly added contacts match that certain condition. So what are you waiting for!

Start using WP ERP CRM today to avail more great features like this.

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