WP ERP Success Story: How S&G Biotech Manages Its Business with WP ERP

WP ERP Success Story: How S&G Biotech Manages Its Business with WP ERP

WP ERP is the right tool that can help you manage small and medium businesses that are looking to automate all their HRM, CRM, and accounting functions. Don’t take our word for it. Know how WP ERP helped a medical device company to escalate its growth.

Today, we’re going to present the WP ERP success story of S&G Biotech Inc. for our readers. S&G was looking for a company management system that can be operated from the backend of the company’s WordPress website. They found WP ERP, and everything became hassle-free after successfully configuring it on the WordPress platform.

Before moving into the amazing success story, let’s have a quick look at the history of S&G Biotech Inc.

A Brief History of S&G Biotech Inc.

Employees standing In front of S&G Biotech Inc.
In front of S&G Biotech Inc.

S&G Biotech Inc. mainly manufactures Stent-Graft for aortic disease and gastrointestinal stents. They also make various catheters such as angiographic catheters, microcatheter, vascular sheath dilators, and more.

The use of metal stents in medical treatment started back in 1995. In 1996, S&G’s founder created the world’s first Nitinol Stent. Then, S&G Biotech was born in 2000 with a passion for intervention medical devices. Now, it’s creating only intervention devices in its facilities.

The modern R&D center and quality control system and high level of production process guarantee the highest quality products. S&G continuously focuses on creating new products to help both patients and doctors with better and safer medical devices.

WP ERP Success Story- How WP ERP Helps S&G Biotech Inc.

It’s really difficult to manage a team of 80+ people. Keeping a record of all your employee’s personal details and professional profiles requires a lot of paperwork.

Managing their leave requests and storing information like promotions, increments, and performance reports are a few painstaking tasks every HR department is afraid of.

Moreover, building long-term relationships with your customers/clients/leads also gets difficult most of the time. It needs great attention to detail to filter out customer queries based on urgency.

As a customer relationship professional, you need to manage calls, meetings, SMSs, emails, and other communication activities with different customers.

You need to have a solid understanding of debits and credits to keep track of the trial balance, ledger report, balance sheets, income statement, and stock management.

And, WP ERP automates all these functions for S&G Biotech Inc. It has reduced the paperwork to almost zero with everything being controlled online. WP ERP comes with an inbuilt accounting module that allows even non-accountants to manage the company’s overall accounting activities.

On top of that, WP ERP has an excellent support team that is always ready to run the extra miles to help its clients. They assisted S&G Biotech throughout the whole installation process. Let’s hear more about the WP ERP success story of S&G Biotech Inc. from Sonny Kang, the MD of S&G Biotech.

Interview with Sonny Kang- A Deep Insight into the Usefulness of WP ERP

WP ERP Software

We reached out to Mr. Sonny to share his WP ERP experience with us. He wholeheartedly agreed to let our readers know about his journey. Keep reading for the full interview.

1. Sonny Kang, please tell us about yourself.

I am the Managing Director of a medical device manufacturing company, S&G Biotech Inc. We have 80 employees. My job is managing and developing the management system for our company.

2. How did you hear about WP ERP?

I was looking for a good management system for our company for a long time, especially CRM functions. Recently I established a new company website using WordPress and was searching for an appropriate CRM function that can be run on the WordPress platform. I could see many recommendations and reviews of WP ERP plugins from google search and Youtube.

3. How are you using WP ERP in your company?

We are using WP ERP for our HRM, CRM, and inventory management. I love this WP ERP system because it has all the functions I need for company management. In HRM, we are using profile recording for employees, leave management, and evaluation functions.

In CRM, log activity is very useful. Our sales team, make a pre-call plan in this CRM, and report to their supervisor, as well. I purchased some modules for our team. The deal module can be used for goals and achievement for each salesperson.

In the Accounting module, I purchased an inventory module for our stock management. If we can make some customization, it will be a very useful function for our stock management system.

4. Why did you find WP ERP the best enterprise resource planning solution for you?

ERP system implementation

We already have a company ERP system, but it is very complicated to handle, and if we want to modify some functions, it costs a lot of money to modify. But I have many demands from all departments of our company.

WP ERP has a more user-friendly interface and structure, and for the first time I tried to set up a WP ERP system for our company, it took a long time, and there were some difficulties.

I have asked for support from WP ERP, and I could get excellent support, especially from Mr. Mobin. He supported me in installing plugins and extensions and guided me on how to use all the functions through email, and video chat.

I love the video chat support, he showed me how to use the function, and answered all my questions. When I had a problem with the plugin update, he accessed my site and gave me excellent technical support.

WP ERP has many useful functions which are requested from our colleagues, such as chatting, SNS, project management, inventory, profile management, evaluation, leave requests, schedules, customers, and tasks. Once they log in to WP ERP, they can do everything they need to do.

5. What features/extensions of WP ERP do you like the most and why?

WP ERP extensions

The evaluation function in HRM and log activity in CRM are the most valuable functions, and the Deals and Inventory are the most exciting extensions. When I got started this year, I was planning to make a frequent evaluation system for our employees, WP ERP provides a perfect solution for this.

The daily report is another strong request from our sales team, and log activity is an absolute solution for their request. We can use the log activity function as a daily report and customer relation management, as well.

6. Are there any new features that you would like to see in WP ERP?

The only function, I miss in WP ERP, is a workflow which is like step-by-step approval. If we have this function in WP ERP, we will have everything we need for company management.

7. Would you recommend WP ERP to others?

Yes, Of course, If somebody is looking for a good management system for their company, I strongly recommend using WP ERP with some extensions.

Ready to Manage Your Company with WP ERP?

WP ERP landing page

Let’s know what other WordPress users have to say about WP ERP. It has currently more than 10k active installations with an Average Rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. And, the number of users is increasing each month.

WP ERP also has a dedicated and experienced team of support engineers who are available 24/7 to help you if any problem arises. You can also configure the plugin on your own with the help of extensive documentation.

Once, you have it on your WordPress backend, you no longer need any paperwork to manage your HR activities, and no additional tool for your CRM tasks and accounting needs. WP ERP can help you control your whole company’s management system from a central point. All you need to do is choose the right extension for your business along with the core plugin.

Like Sonny Kang, you can also choose WP ERP to manage your company’s HRM, CRM, and Accounting functions effortlessly. Give it a try today! We’re looking forward to writing the next WP ERP success story with your company.

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