Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with WP ERP’s Advanced HRM Feature

Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with WP ERP HRM

Talent acquisition is an important factor for growing your business. But, many companies don’t have the proper understanding of this concept. In this blog, we will go through how you can optimize your talent acquisition strategy. We will also go through how an HRM tools like WP ERP can help regarding your talent acquisition.

Need to Manage a Small Team? WP ERP Is the Only Tool You Need

wp erp use cases

Suppose you have started a software business with a small team of around 10+ employees. And you want to build custom software solutions for your foreign clients and always need to ensure timely deliveries. What would be your primary concern? Definitely, you want to stay on track and organized. Or else timely delivery of product … Read more

WP ERP Year in Review 2020: Successes, Challenges & Future Plan

WP ERP in 2020

The year 2020 is almost at its very end, so it’s time for another edition of WP ERP year in review. Though we all are now kinda hoping that this year gets over sooner than ever. The lives of people have become upside down. And from a business perspective, it was a year full of … Read more

Help Your Small Business Grow With A Powerful WordPress ERP Plugin

WordPress ERP Plugin

It’s difficult to see through the daily operations of a small business comprising of 50 or fewer employees when you are a solo entrepreneur or have a limited number of managers. You can’t do everything alone. You will be confined in how much you can achieve in a day, in communication, and in your mobility. … Read more

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