Why your ERP should be cloud and on WordPress

Why your ERP should be cloud and on WordPress

ERP is new to WordPress, we are the first to introduce it. The future of ERP is cloud collaboration and we believe WordPress is the best platform to built upon for the coming greatness.

The gap that needs to be filled

Digital ERP solutions have been around for almost 20 years and cloud-based systems are even recent. Digital or desktop based ERP systems paved a path for modern systems, but these years have revealed its weaknesses and lacks that need to be filled.

The key points of a good ERP in our view is it should be intuitive, collaborative and easily accessible.

The design of the interface solves the usability issue, the advancement of the web has provided the infinite possibility of collaboration and the accessibility is relative to platform and device.

Most cloud solutions like Odoo, Atlassian, Bitrix24 etc. have tried to solve this, but they are costly and they are self hosted. But using WordPress, you can host your own ERP system on your own server which will also give you cloud benefits.

Why the WordPress bias?

The major benefit here is that it is opensource and there is a huge community support who can help you get anything done. Most other ERP systems are closed source – just another reason to charge high for customizations. We did not find any strong reason to manage the administrative stuff totally in a different place. So we tried to provide the same user experience that you are already familiar with.

We believe our solution, WP-ERP is already equipped with everything you need and our ninjas are always there to assist you.

Benefits of using WordPress for ERP

Now we have reached the main topic of our discussion. Here are some aspects that make using ERP on WordPress a better experience than conventional desktop software.

Data Safety and Security

Keeps all of your company data with you and gives you rights to modify the system. Almost all mainstream ERP solutions are self-hosted, which means they will store your sensitive data on their servers and you will have no control on how they are maintained. This might also result in extra charges from the provider with the tagline “get extra security”.

But the chances are, you already have a secure server and websites for your company. Since WordPress and our ERP solution both are absolutely free, you just need an hour to get it ready.

So now, not only internal data stays internal, you will also have full control on it and able to secure it and transport it backing it up without hassle.

WordPress follows the best security practices on the internet. WP-ERP is also very secure in that respect. The saying is, your site is only insecure if your plugins are weak.

Cloudy weather

The WP-ERP data can be stored in the cloud or your personal server, or you can use both. So, you do not need worry about your local storage and sharing files across networks becomes easy. Also, every time something is changed or if anything goes wrong, there is always a backup. You can track back all the changes that have happened besides protecting your precious data that powers your company.

On desktop software, the data is saved on the device first, then synced. This greatly increases the chance of data loss, theft and does not provide a real-time experience.

Real-time usage and collaboration

You can automate and take real-time output using WP. So when you use our ERP system, multiple users can check accounts, make payments or send someone to leave and get all those data instantly adjusted and updates on the system.

This gives you the ability to manage your company with a system that is alive and can be operated from multiple locations simultaneously, which most conventional ERP software fail do deliver.

Huge Developer Community

WordPress has a huge base of developers who can get anything done for you. Plus, there is a possibility that already someone thought about the customization you are thinking about and created a plugin or written codes for it. Even if that isn’t the case, just post a job on a market and you can get anything customized from the community according to your choice at a lower cost than others.

On the other hand, almost all other ERP solutions are proprietary , you cannot change, customize or solve an issue with the application. You will have to wait it out until they think they need to fix it.

Easy to Install and Use

Both WP-ERP and WordPress is extremely easy to install and it is so intuitive that anyone can use it without any prior study. Especially the accounting module has been designed with a philosophy of mind that someone without accounting knowledge can work with it totally. Our plugin comes with easy to understand tutorials and detailed step by step documentation described for each role.

The major benefit here is that you need to only install it on your server. But for desktop applications you need it to be installed on each computer first and later bind them to the network so that it can work.


Both WordPress and WP-ERP are free. We may bring paid modules, extensions, and other services in the future. But the core plugin and the first three modules will forever be free.

You don’t even want to imagine the price tag that comes with other ERP solutions and their support.

Sounds convincing enough?

So, if you think this is the right thing to do but just for convincing your heart you want to check it again, we have a demo for you.

View Demo   Download and Make your Company Awesome

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