WP ERP Version 1.0 Released!

WP ERP Version 1.0 Released!

After about a month later of the beta version release and after 240 commits from 8 contributors, today we have released the v1.0 to the wild!

A lot of fixes and a few new features has been added to the plugin. I am not going to dump all the changelogs in this post, please see the changes from here. We really worked hard to squash every possible bugs we found, but like every other software, it’s still not bug-free. So please let us know if you have a new one by opening a new issue. Version 1.0 of the accounting plugin has been released as well.

After 1 month, we already have 200+ active installs and 1140 downloads of the ERP plugin. Thats pretty impressive and a warm feeling for us 😀 . Already 200+ sites are using the solution to manage their small business (I hope).

Comments like this make our effort worthwhile

We have also released 6 premium add-ons with the v1.0 release. Few others are waiting to be finished and a whole bunch of add-ons are on the upcoming list. So expect a lot of integration add-ons with different platforms and feature plugins are coming very soon. Current add-ons include:

  1. Custom Field Builder – Create additional fields for employee, contact, etc.
  2. Mailchimp Contacts Sync – Sync your CRM contacts with mailchimp
  3. HubSpot Contacts Sync – Sync your CRM contacts with HubSpot
  4. Document Manager – Manage your employee and company documents.
  5. Attendance Management – Manage your employee attendance and manage shifts.
  6. Gravity Form Integration – Create new contacts in CRM when a gravity forms submission is made.

This is just the beginning of a new journey and I believe it’s going to be a pretty interesting one. Help us to spread the love and make every small-business owners work easier 🙂

2 thoughts on “WP ERP Version 1.0 Released!”

  1. Awesome plugin !
    Thanks to all 🙂

    Am using your plugin for my brother’s company
    I would like to see below additional features

    1.Booking Engine
    2.Sending Estimates
    3.Multiple currency support


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