A Beginner’s Guide to Implement ERP System on WordPress (Free)

A Beginner’s Guide to Implement ERP System on WordPress (Free)

An ERP system is an automated business management software, consisting of a suite of applications that use a database management system to collect, store, manage and interpret data in real time so as to make insightful reports. It acts as if it were everything for an enterprise (especially for small and medium enterprises) due to its versatility in managing resources.

But how to apply an ERP tool for your enterprise? Not to worry, in this article, we will take you through the steps of implementing ERP ( one of the trending technologies in 2018) on WordPress.

Why Implement ERP?

In this tech-driven world, you must tune your enterprise to the latest tech-trends so that you can ensure more profitability and sustainability. ERP solution is a much-needed tool with a view to automating back-office tasks, bringing in efficiency, streamlining cross-departmental workflows, lowering management costs, increasing profitability.

Firstly, it shrinks the red tape which often arises in managing human resources. Secondly, it will boost your accounting department by automatically processing accounting transactions and generating meaningful reports. Thirdly, it will improve your relationship with your customers in many ways.

It’s possible to carry out and automate tasks like sending newsletters to your customers, getting paid from them through various payment methods, recruiting employees, registering daily employee attendance, managing employees’ payroll, inventories, documents, and anything under the sun with the help of a WP CRM.

ERP tools are, above all, the treasure trove of more productivity for your enterprise!

Who Needs an ERP System?

ERP solutions came into prominence in the midst of 1990s but in recent times, it is gaining more momentum when it comes to its popularity. Enterprises of all sizes particularly small and medium enterprises are utilizing this tool to leverage their workflow.

However, there is a common misconception that only big enterprises or organizations use ERP software but the truth is most of the ERP solutions are designed to be applicable for all companies and businesses regardless of their sizes. Therefore, if you are a small or medium enterprise owner you can flat out consider an ERP system software.

ERP on WordPress?

If you are using WordPress, you are lucky! Because, it’s free, easy to use and it’s the most popular CMS out there to date! The most staggering fact about WordPress is more than 26,701,222 websites are running on WordPress that is one-third of the total number of websites.

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You don’t even require buying any third party ERP software or ERP system for your enterprise because you can install a free ERP manager for your WordPress website. Only will A free WordPress ERP plugin serve the purpose at ease. Besides, a free ERP software will help you minimize your enterprise’s management expenses in different ways.

Why Implement WP ERP on WordPress?

Because WP ERP is the first and exclusive open source ERP software available for WordPress. It’s an intuitive and easy to use ERP system software that could be applied to your WordPress powered website right away! If you are a small enterprise owner you could use the core plugin as the be-all and end-all HRM solutions, CRM solutions and Accounting solutions for your business. However, if you are a large enterprise owner, you can use extensions to upgrade its functionalities that are required for your large enterprise.

Today, we will be using this free WordPress ERP plugin to set up an ERP system on WordPress without costing a single penny.

How to Set up WP ERP on WordPress?

We assume that you already have a WordPress powered website up and running. Just follow these simple steps to implement ERP on WordPress:


Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.

Next, search for the keyword “WP ERP” and install the plugin like all other WordPress plugins.

Install and activate WPERP

After installing the plugin, activate the plugin so that it becomes usable.

erp system

Set up Wizard

Step: 1

If you hit the Activate button, you will find the following Setup Wizard:

WPERP Wizard

Click on the Let’s Go! button to set the basic things up.

Step: 2

Settings of WPERP Wizard

After filling out all the basic things like giving a Company Name, Financial Year Start, Company Start Date, Currency, Date Format, Business Type, etc. click on Continue button to proceed to the next step.

Step: 3

erp system

In this stage, make sure that you have left all the modules turned on. Click on the Continue button.

Step: 4

erp system

Now, it’s time to create some departments! Use the Add New button to create as many departments as you want. After creating departments Hit the Continue button.

Step: 5

erp system

Create designations for your employees. You can use the Add New button to create more designations according to the roles of your employees. After setting up designations click on the Continue button.

Step: 6

erp system

Set up the work days convenient to your enterprise then click on the Continue button to proceed.

Step: 7

In this stage, you will get a success message that your site is ready to use.

erp system

You can click on Add your employees! button to create employee entries in WP ERP right now or simply get back to the WordPress Dashboard. That’s it; you have already implemented WP ERP on WordPress!

Video Tutorial

However, you can also watch this video to complete the Setup Wizard:

Setting up HR Module

We have already completed some basic setting of the HR module in the Setup Wizard. However, let’s see how we can set up more options.

Creating Employees

Login to WP Admin Dashboard → HR Management. Then click on View Employees button.

erp system

After that, you will get options to create employees. You can create employees either by manually or by uploading CSV file containing the details of your employees. Take a look at the screenshot:

erp system

To create an employee entry manually, click on the Add your first employee! button. After clicking the button you will see the following screen:

erp system

Insert the required data about an employee and then click on the Create Employee button, you will be able to see the newly created employee information in detail.

erp system

Creating Departments?

We have already set up 3 Departments in the Setup Wizard. However, if you had skipped the Setup Wizard you could have still set up departments at your disposal!

Login to WP Admin → HR Management → Departments. If you do so you will be able to see the 3 departments that we created in the Setup Wizard.

erp system

You can use the Add New button to create more departments anytime when you need. What’s more, you can edit or delete a department.

erp system

How will the Employees Make the Leave Request?

Your employees can request you for leave requests through WP ERP’s HR module. They need to navigate to WP Dashboard → Leave (right under the HR Management module).

erp system

If they click on the New Request button they will find a form. All they need to do is fill out the form and submit for approval of the HR Manager. Here is a screenshot of the form:

erp system

How to See the Reports?

To see the reports of Employees, go to WP Admin Dashboard → HR Management → Reporting. You will be able to see all the segmented reports of your employees.

erp system

How to add Designations?

We have already set up some designations when we were in the Setup Wizard. However, you can still create as many designations as you want!
Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → HR Management → Designations. Click on the Add New button to create new designations.

erp system

When you click on the Add New button you will get the following form to create new designation. Take a look at the screenshot:

erp system

Fill out the form by giving an appropriate Designation Title and Description. After that hit the Create Designation button and you are done with creating a new designation.

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Setting up CR Management

To manage your customers you can use the CR Management or the Client Resource Management module. 

How to create a contact?

To create a contact go to WP Admin Dashboard → CRM → Contacts. Select the Add New button.

erp system

Next, you will get the following form to create a contact:

erp system

After filling out the required fields hit the Add New button. Then you will be able to see the newly created contact:

erp system

You can also create a company in lieu of a customer. The process is pretty much similar. You will get options such as Activities, Contact Groups, Schedules, etc in the CRM module.

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Setting up Accounting Module

The Accounting module is very simple and intuitive to use. Let’s do some basic accounting activities:

How to Make an Entry of a Transaction?

To enter a transaction, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Accounting → Journal Entry. Click on the New Entry button to enter your first transaction.

erp system

After that, you will get a form to input a journal entry. Fill out the form and hit the Add Journal Entry button.

erp system

After that, you will be able to see the transaction in the Journals option of WP ERP.

erp system

If you click on the date, you will be able to see the entire journal information regarding this entry. Here is a screenshot:

erp system

What’s the Most Interesting Thing about Accounting Module?

The most exciting and interesting thing about Accounting module is that you don’t have to put the same transactions separately for Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Final Accounts or Financial Statements. Accounting module of WP ERP is dynamic enough to do these stuff on its own.

erp system

Pretty cool, right?☺

Apart from the chart of accounts, you can also create your customized accounts if you want. You can do everything that you need with the Accounting module.

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Bonus Tips

You can also upgrade WP ERP for your enterprise with a good number of cutting-edge extensions which can be really helpful to make your enterprise more efficient than ever before. There are separate extensions for the HRM, CRM and Accounting modules.

Check out the extensions from here.

Final Thoughts

Did you notice that you didn’t have to use any single line of Code? This is how implementing ERP on WordPress is a piece of cake! Moreover, you don’t have to appoint a professional accountant or programmers to operate the WP ERP plugin. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try right now and boost your enterprise’s management efficiency. Wish you the best of luck!

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