How WP ERP Provides Easy to Use HRM Back-end

How WP ERP Provides Easy to Use HRM Back-end

Human Resource Management (HRM) is an important tool for managing your business. WP ERP plugin provides you such features for free!

Technology is taking an evolutionary leap, applications and tools are becoming cloud based. Nobody wants to go through the difficulties of installing and storing programs on their computers. Besides that, cloud-based features reduce hardware limitations.

Our HRM module is huge yet light

WP ERP’s HRM module is an excellent tool for managing your office internally.

You should not miss out the tons of benefits that HRM provides. It creates a peaceful harmony and coexistence of features in the back-end of your website. HRM makes back-end communication easy for you so that you can relax and enjoy your work!

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can get easy to use HRM back-end with WP ERP. You should note that the WP ERP Core is free to use, but you can purchase add-ons to get the most out of WP ERP.

Interactive back-end makes things easier

HRM module has an interactive back-end. Only admin or HR manager can view this panel and manage everything properly. There is a suitable overview tab from where the admin can learn almost everything about the company with just a simple glimpse.

easy to use hrm back-end

Useful HR features gives you a helping hand

HRM module contains necessary features for managing your business properly. You will find these features as your complete HR Management. Following features can be your asset for organizing your business as required.

  • Employee management
  • Department and designations management
  • Announcement, reporting
  • Document management
  • Attendance management

Manage leaves in an organized way

Managing employee leaves has never been this easy with HRM. You will be able to view leaves requests and approve them according to their eligibility. You can also set leave policies and can apply them to specific employees. With our leave system, managing  leave requests from a single place saves your time and reduces confusion.

hrm leave management

Need to share announcements?

Nobody likes to share messages loudly using a hand-mike or putting them on the noticeboard sometimes doesn’t work – specially when your office is virtual spread across the globe.

You can easily display an announcement on the employee’s dashboard with our HRM module. You can set the announcement for specific people or the whole group or even notify them with an automated system email. This feature helps you to flash important messages easily without any problem.

hrm announcement

Sent instant email notifications to your employees

HRM provides you rich email templates. You can use this templates and send them to your employees. Your employee will get email notification instantly. You have the freedom to write in any tone and be creative about it.

hrm email notification

Send SMS more easily

You can easily send SMS from your WP ERP. You will have to purchase SMS Notification add-on for this. Using this feature you can make the best use of announcement option in the dashboard. You will be able to send the announcement as SMS to your employees directly from WP ERP.

hrm sms notification

Robust attendance management system

Running a business is quest difficult without having a proper attendance system for the employees. You will get this feature using Attendance Management add-on inside WP ERP. You can also use this system with the paper ledger or card punching system. Besides that, it is possible to import data from CSV files. You can also generate reports of day to day employee attendance.

hmr attendance management

Simplified Recruitment System

This is one of the newest features of WP ERP. You can get the full-fledged functionally of employee recruitment using the Recruitment add-on for WP ERP. With this add-on in your HRM module, you will be able to manage the recruitment process for your organization.

recruitment candidate list

 This add-on can also help you to create individually customized forms for specific candidates. You will be able to create profiles and set up questionnaires for the candidates.

recruitment candidate profile

Enriched reporting for quicker and deeper decision making

Finally, you can create effective reports that can help you to measure employee performance and status of your company. These reports play an important role while making decisions for the company.

wperp reporting
reporting hrm

HRM is very useful for your company because it can help you to make your business better. The easy management system and back-end communication of HRM can ensure successful business operations.

So, why wait? If you haven’t tried the HRM Module of WP ERP yet, don’t hesitate and download now.

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