Sales Reporting Made Easy With WP ERP

Sales Reporting Made Easy With WP ERP

Organizing and keeping a record of thousands of client bills and receipts can be a source of great pain. It’s also time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors when done on paper and manually.

It’s always easier to automate programs and let the systems do the work for you. WP ERP brings this kind of automation that adds transformational value to your account keeping activities. One similar feature is the Sales Invoicing System of the Accounting module.

This Sales feature is one of the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use WordPress billing system. It’s intuitive, and you don’t have to switch between too many screens. You get to enter everything you need from one page for invoices, and another for payments.

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WP ERP’s Invoice System in a nutshell

The sales feature lets you accomplish the following:

  • create new invoice
  • create payment receipts
  • enter everything from a single page
  • filter and categorize your invoices in 8 ways
  • handle multiple invoices of a single customer
  • sync contacts and companies of CRM module with Accounting
  • complete payments, approve, or make avoid from a single screen
  • add products from inventory
  • add customer name, due date, payment received date, taxes, discounts, billing address, attachments, product description and quantity
  • keep track of payments made anytime
  • add multiple products and accounts
  • pie charts as reports

With this Client Billing plugin for WordPress:

  • Add products from your inventory:

If you are using Inventory for WP ERP, you can easily add your goods from a drop-down in your invoice. The Unit Price will be automatically added to the invoice when you select your product.

This will also be an easy record for you to refer back to keep track of your inventory items.

WordPress Billing System Plugin
  • Insert taxes, discounts, and attachments:

Customize invoices for every customer by adding discounts, taxes, and attachments.

Attach pictures of your products or other files to your invoice for client records. Seeing it visually can act as an easy reminder for clients about what they have purchased.

Missed out on giving some price cuts to your long-time customer?

No issue! With the Sales Invoice feature of WP ERP, quickly add some discounts and make your client happy.

Add sales, general, or other taxes to your invoice as required. Also, add some nice descriptions of the product to make your customer feel good about their purchases.

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  • Instantly bring your CRM contacts and companies to your Accounting customers directory by syncing the two modules:

Not only can you import your existing CRM contacts and companies, you can also sync every new user automatically.

Now when a user or company is created in CRM, you can auto-sync the user in your Accounting module. Think about the time and energy it saves you from manually entering a new contact or company twice!

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  • Make single-page detailed records for your payments like your invoices:

Keep a record every time a customer makes a payment. Enter your customer, payment date, deposit account, product, product quantity, description, price, discount, tax, attachments and other details. And do it all on a single page!

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  • Want to duplicate or download your Invoice memos as PDF?

Do it instantly after submission with one click. Also send your memo to your client and any other stakeholders quickly using the Send Via Email button.

WordPress Billing System Plugin

Download, duplicate and email your Payment receipts too directly from the safety and comfort of your dashboard.

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  • Complete some or all of the payments right from your current invoice:

This is something really important: If a particular customer of yours has several invoices awaiting payments, you have the option to

Click on Add Payment to subtract any previous outstanding dues!

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Complete as many payments as you like without switching between too many screens.

Let the automated system of WP ERP take care of this:

WordPress Billing System Plugin
  • Add multiple products and accounts:

You can also insert more than one product and account to both your invoices and payment receipts when a customer has purchased more than several goods:

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There’s more to what you can do with Accounting Sales Invoice and Payment receipts:

  • Two Pie-Charts for your Sales Reporting:

See a bird’s-eye view of your sales transactions from pie charts on the Sales Dashboard. Quickly get a summarized view so you can report to any stakeholders. There are two pie charts in the Sales Dashboard:

1. Get your total outstanding and received amounts at your fingertips from the Payments pie chart without having to do so manually.

2. With the Status pie chart, get the total number of all completed, overdue, partial, and drafted transactions of your business at a glance. Understand how well your finances are flowing through. And easily create detailed reports from these data!

The pie chart dynamically changes as modifications take place within your invoice and payment receipts. Calculations are adjusted instantly on customers’ accounts also. It’s instant and real-time, so you always remain up-to-date!

WordPress Billing System Plugin
  • Categorize your invoices and payment receipts with 7 built-in statuses:

Awaiting Approval, Awaiting Payment, Void, Draft, Completed Invoices, Closed Installments, Partial.

This makes searching and sorting through your dashboard so effortless!

Not only this, you can also filter your dashboard in several different ways. View All Invoices only or All Payments only. Filter by customer, status, start and end dates, and even reference numbers!

Organizing made more powerful and seamless!

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  • Change Status from Dashboard:

See which customer owes what amount and easily change the status from the dashboard.

  • Approve invoices or make void:

Directly from the Sales dashboard and without having to open each invoice.

WordPress Billing System Plugin

You can also complete payments by changing the status straight from the Sales dashboard.

WordPress Billing System Plugin

Wrapping Up

It should be stated here that the Sales Invoice System of WP ERP is a built-in core program of the Accounting module, and you require no extension to run it! This core feature is easy-to-use and feature-rich. And the best part of all is: it can work independently to fulfil all your needs.

But if you want to add specific products from your store, you can integrate the Inventory extension for more features.

So get started by learning what WP ERP Accounting has to offer you.

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