WP ERP v1.4 Brings a Critical Revamp to the Entire User Interface

The new ERP core brings some major, significant and must-have changes that no user can do without. Anyone looking out for convenience, ease, simplicity, and a friendlier WP ERP would not have to wait anymore.

Because here it is. A highly demanded, advanced and indispensable development in WP ERP core that will surely make a difference in the way you use it.

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Put Customer Data In The Right Place With Help Scout-WordPress CRM Sync

When we speak of CRM solutions today, we often use it synonymously with customer management and everything that comes with it. While it’s important to find the best automation tool that cuts down time and costs, having it does not mark the end to the countless variety of customer experiences, situations and preferences you will encounter nor the end to the discovery of creative ways that make your user experience great.

This article builds upon this thought that you can come into terms with CRM the strategy and CRM the tool using solutions that let you do both: formulate strategy and manage customers.

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Awesome Support CRM

WP ERP Bringing Another Needed Integration: The Awesome Support CRM

Awesome Support is one of the most popular WordPress help provider and support service plugins. The solution describes itself as a WordPress Help Desk and lives up to it with powerful capabilities. Awesome Support provides everything customer support-related: tickets generation, customizable email notifications, automatic agent assignment with multiple agents, file attachments, and plenty of add-ons. Awesome Support CRM Integration for WP ERP will give you that extra for complete management of your clients.

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