Introducing Dokan Cloud: The Dawn of A New Era in eCommerce

Introducing Dokan Cloud: The Dawn of A New Era in eCommerce

The Dokan multivendor marketplace plugin is one of the most popular marketplace plugins in WordPress. With over 60000+ active installations, 40+ modules, numerous features, and integrations, the plugin has become a one-stop solution for creating and managing a marketplace.

But with WordPress, scalability and performance can be an issue. There is dependency as well including updates, security issues, etc. As a marketplace owner, you have to take care of these matters while also promoting, selling, and marketing your marketplace.

Read what weDevs CEO Nizam Uddin has to say about Dokan Cloud

In the end, they can’t give their full focus to their marketplace and it leads to frustration or even switching to another platform.

Realizing these issues faced by marketplace owners, weDevs, the parent company of the Dokan plugin has decided to release a cloud version of Dokan.

The Dokan Cloud version will help marketplace owners create and manage a marketplace without having to worry about all the settings, and configuration as most of them are easy to set up and controlled by Dokan.

In this write-up, we are going to dig deep and find out what Dokan Cloud is all about.

Let’s start with-

A Brief Overview of Dokan Cloud

Dokan Cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce platform for users to create a single store or a multivendor marketplace. The platform will reduce dependency on WordPress and streamline complicated marketplace processes.

The platform has many advantages and will make life easier for marketplace owners.

The platform will reduce dependency on WordPress and streamline complicated marketplace processes. The many advantages of using the cloud version of Dokan are-

  • Scalability
  • Automatic Updates
  • Centralized Management
  • Integration with Cloud Services
  • Reduced Server Load
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Reliability and Redundancy
  • Security

Features List of Dokan Cloud

weDevs is releasing the Dokan cloud version with all the necessary features built-in and many features upcoming. For now, we will talk about all the available features-

Detailed Dashboard and Report Section

Dokan Cloud provides admins with a comprehensive dashboard, offering detailed insights into key metrics such as earnings, number of customers, orders, products sold, and refunds. They can access a graphical overview of the entire marketplace situation, facilitating quick analysis and decision-making.

Additionally, admins have access to a reporting section where they can filter data to view daily, monthly, or yearly analyses. This feature enables them to gain deeper insights into marketplace performance trends and make informed strategic decisions to optimize their platform.

Page Builder with Amazing Widgets

This is the most amazing feature of Dokan Cloud.

Yes, Dokan Cloud has its page builder. You can use that page builder to customize your marketplace. If you have any experience using Elementor or any other page builder, then it would be easy for you to use the page builder as it is made with the same design.

This is a screenshot of Themes

There are many amazing widgets and features to design your marketplace the way you like. You will find two themes available for you to activate and customize to make your store look professional.

Easy Product Management

Dokan Cloud offers support for both physical and digital products. That means admins and vendors can create and upload products with ease. Users can input essential product information, including attributes, variations, brands, and categories.

This is a screenshot of the Dokan Product Section

You will find a dedicated section for product SEO, enabling you to optimize product listings for improved visibility and search engine rankings.

Subscription Plans for Vendors

Within Dokan Cloud, admins can create subscription plans tailored to the needs of vendors, each offering unique levels of access and permissions. These plans provide a structure through which vendors can access various features and functionalities within the marketplace platform.

This is a screenshot of subscription plans

Admins can customize subscription plans by defining different tiers or levels of access, granting vendors specific permissions based on their respective subscription levels. This flexibility allows for the creation of subscription plans that align with vendors’ individual requirements and business objectives.

Live Chat Integration with Facebook and WhatsApp

Live chat is a very crucial part of any eCommerce platform. This is very important for communicating with customers and answer their queries.

Dokan Cloud has integration with both Facebook and WhatsApp, two of the most popular social platforms out there. So, user can use both of these integrations to communicate with the customers in real-time.

This is a screenshot of live chat settings

Through these integrations, vendors can conveniently communicate with their customer base, fostering personalized interactions and building stronger relationships.

Email Integration with MailChimp

Dokan Cloud offers seamless integration with Mailchimp, a leading email marketing software. It helps to streamline communication with customers. This integration helps users to send automated emails for order confirmations and successful signups.

This is a screenshot of mailchimp settings

By adding Mailchimp’s features and capabilities, users can create and launch personalized and targeted email campaigns.

SMS Integration with Twilio

Dokan Cloud offers seamless integration with Twilio, a renowned SMS platform, to enable vendors to connect with customers more directly and personally. As SMS is considered a more personal form of communication as you can reach customers who don’t even own a smartphone, this is a very crucial integration.

With Twilio integration, vendors can leverage the power of SMS messaging to send important updates, order confirmations, delivery notifications, and promotional offers directly to customers’ mobile phones.

This is a screenshot of Dokan SMS settings

This direct communication channel allows for timely and effective communication.

Easy Shipping and Tax Management

With Dokan Cloud, configuring both shipping and tax settings becomes straightforward and user-friendly.

For shipping, vendors can easily create shipping profiles and set up various conditions to apply to shipping, allowing for flexibility in determining shipping costs and methods. This simplifies the management of shipping options and ensures a smooth experience for both vendors and customers.

This is a screenshot of the Dokan Cloud Shipping settings

Similarly, admins have powerful tools to manage taxes according to country and state. They can enable features such as compound tax, zip tax, shipping tax, and digital product tax.

Store Analytics with Google Analytics 4

It is important to know how your customers are behaving with the website. Make sure you have that data, Dokan Cloud has integration with Google Analytics 4.

this is a screenshot of Google Analytics

This integration will give you real time data on how customers are behaving on your online store and what pages are getting the most visit.

Payment Integration

You can configure PayPal, Stripe and Cash on Delivery on your store using Dokan Cloud. These options will give you and your customers the flexibility to complete their transactions without any hesitation.

This is a screenshot of the Dokan Cloud Payment Settings

Customers can securely complete transactions using PayPal or Stripe, two widely trusted and widely used payment gateways. These platforms offer security measures and seamless integration, providing a smooth and hassle-free checkout experience for users.

Vendor Payout

Managing vendor payments in a marketplace can indeed be complex, but Dokan Cloud simplifies the process with features designed to streamline this process.

With Dokan Cloud, vendors have the flexibility to request payouts manually, allowing them to initiate the transfer of their earnings at their convenience. This gives vendors control over their finances and ensures timely access to their funds.

This is a screenshot of vendor payout settings

In addition to manual payouts, Dokan Cloud offers an automatic payout method, further enhancing convenience for vendors. This automated process enables vendors to set predefined payout schedules, ensuring that they receive their earnings regularly without the need for manual intervention.

Dokan Cloud Pricing

Here is the pricing of Dokan Cloud

This is a screenshot of Dokan Cloud Pricing

Currently Dokan Cloud has 4 pricing models

  • Basic ($69/month)
  • Growth ($129/month)
  • Scale ($399/month)
  • Enterprise

Dokan Cloud Features: Roadmap and Feature Suggestions

We already said, Dokan Cloud would bring more features to the platform. They already have some features in the roadmap like-

  • Multilingual Feature
  • Braintree Integration
  • Frequently Bought Together Option for Customers
  • Standalone Store Creation Feature
  • Subscription Product
  • Blogging Feature and more.

Create Your Dream Marketplace Today!!

Dokan’s goal is is to empower eCommerce business owners with a platform for launching their dream single-store or multivendor marketplace. That’s why weDevs is still offering both the Dokan Cloud version and the Dokan Plugin version.

You can select the one that suits you best: if you’re familiar with WordPress, opt for the Dokan multivendor marketplace plugin; otherwise, choose the hassle-free Dokan Cloud version. Either way, launching your dream marketplace is made easy.

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