Translate WP ERP and Get 30% Discount on Everything Forever!

It’s our Birthday! (Soon) WP ERP is going to celebrate it’s first birthday this April. We started our journey on 25 April 2016 by releasing the first stable version. To celebrate, we have planned several amazing campaigns and reward our contributors. For start, the contributors will enjoy a 30% discount on every purchase for a lifetime – isn’t that just great? The Translation Campaign The translation campaign is the first step to make our birthday big and more will come within this month. For this campaign, we have targeted 7 languages. They are, English (UK) Spanish French Portuguese (Brazil) German Russian …

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WP erp api blog post

Make your Custom App for WP ERP with REST API

Introducing API’s on WP ERP On version 1.1.10 we have introduced API feature for the 3 modules of WP ERP. Human Resource Management Module. Customer Relationship Management Module. Accounting Module. It was first released on January 18, 2017. We were testing the features inhouse since December. We were waiting to make the announcement to be sure about security concerns. Over the last 30 days, 15 of our users have tested the API on their production server and a senior developer was assigned to fix issues. We did not want to offer you a beta version. Because we understand that our …

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attendance management system in wordpress

Say Hello to All New Attendance Management System in WordPress

WP ERP already had the Attendance Management System introduced in WordPress since September 2016. Due to the request of many users and thanks to their feedback, we have decided to bring a huge change in it. Hundreds of our customers and users proposed us to add advanced shift management to the current system. We have always given priority to the requests of our customers. To live up your expectations, we present the new attendance extension and made it more powerful than before. What’s new in this update? Change in Menu Location In the previous version, Attendance menu was inside HR Management …

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wperp frontend feature

Frontend feature on WP ERP!

I can’t count how many times we have heard this question in the past few months- “Do you have a frontend feature? I do not want my employees to access the backend.” Well, let me explain. Why don’t we have the frontend feature? You may already know that we launched the beta version of the plugin in March 2016 and the stable version was released a month later in April 2016. Since then, the plugin is growing and has a lot more to become matured. We are delicately working on the core modules every day and improving the user experience …

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security in wperp

How WP ERP utilizes WordPress security standards – It’s impressive!

Security and privacy are one of the biggest issues when it comes to using applications for your business. You share your confidential data with these business applications. So, it is very important to secure the information. This makes users worrying about security when they go for a new application. You will see similar scenarios with ERP systems. They contain almost everything about the business and it is important for the developers to think about this matter. WP ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system based on WordPress and it has strong security and privacy features. WP ERP needs to be accessed …

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How to Translate WP ERP

How to Translate WP ERP Plugin in Your Language

We are very delighted to inform you that now you can translate WP ERP just like other weDevs themes and plugins. This is indeed a really good news for the WP ERP users from around the world. The weDevs Translation Project is still going on and you can happily participate by localizing the WP ERP in your own language. This could be greatly beneficial for your business as you will be able to work with your employees in your own language! In addition to this announcement, we are here to guide you to the straightforward process of translation. This article is …

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Upcoming new features for WP-ERP in May 2016

WP-ERP is set for a long way to go We are busy with adding more features and making fixes to WP-ERP on our next release. The date is not fixed, but we are expecting a day somewhere around the last week of May or the first week of June. Here are some things we have been working on. Accounting module is getting merged to core After the merger, you will get all HRM, CRM and Accounting together when you download WP-ERP from the repository. It will save your time because you will not need to install the accounting module separately. Taxation …

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WP ERP Version 1.0 Released!

After about a month later of the beta version release and after 240 commits from 8 contributors, today we have released the v1.0 to the wild! A lot of fixes and a few new features has been added to the plugin. I am not going to dump all the changelogs in this post, please see the changes from here. We really worked hard to squash every possible bugs we found, but like every other software, it’s still not bug-free. So please let us know if you have a new one by opening a new issue. Version 1.0 of the accounting plugin …

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