Improvements You Can Make When Managing Remote Teams Worldwide

Improvements You Can Make When Managing Remote Teams Worldwide

Managing remote teams are becoming very popular in the job industry! As more people are expecting better flexibility in their current jobs, a big number of them are getting interested in working remotely.

It offers the same if not better income opportunities, better flexibility and most of all a better work-life balance than most other jobs. Well, you might be thinking that the benefits are only for the employees. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even if you are a business owner, managing remote teams and not be restricted to just the office is also beneficial for your organization.

How Managing Remote Teams Can Benefit You

Remote working is not a completely new topic. It has been around for a long time, just the scenario is changing for the remote workers. With state of the art messaging tools readily available, robust online project management tools and other things, it has completely changed the way remote working was thought before.

Gone are the old ways of going to the office at a given time. Employees now today can work in their time in their own comfort zone. That also means more advantages for the employers if you give some thought to it.

Employers don’t have to spend money on renting a place where all his/her employees have to come every day. According to a recent survey done by over at the folks at Buffer on 1900 remote workers from around the world

90% of them stated that they are happy with their current work like balance and will continue for the rest of their career

Employee retention is high, they are much happier working for you and you get your work done properly for business to grow.

It’s Not Always All Good(In Terms Of Team Culture)

By this time you are thinking of getting started with remote working whether as an employer or an employee. What could go wrong?

Well, a number of things in fact.

But the most important of all is maintaining a company-wide work culture that your employees can relate to. Implementing one in your physical office with regular 24/7 employees is a different thing.

Managing your remote teamwork culture can be a tricky job for the most part.

What Can You Do?

Well then, how do you go on with managing remote teams and still improve its culture. It is not completely impossible to do as others have done it and enjoying business growth rate higher when compared with others.

You can follow some easy tricks, some harder than others to follow in your organization for all your remote workers. The most important part is that you have to consider to always come up with new ways to –

Communicate Properly With The Right Tools And Take Feedbacks

The internet has given us tools that connect us with one another instantly. Likes of such, which was thought to be science fiction even a few decades ago. But very few remote employers take advantage of this.

There are instant messaging tools like Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype etc that help you to connect with your employees most of the time for free. There are even video conferencing features baked inside these services that will make everything all the more better.

These tools will help you to connect with employees on a regular basis and maintain an on-going relationship. Yo will be updated with all the latest work queries. But don’t just think of it as one-way communication. Take feedback from your employees on what can be done better.

Don’t forget that communication is a two way method. Give & take feedbacks

Give Them The Resources They Need, Before Hand

Having the proper tools to make sure everything runs smoothly is a must for any remote working team. If you are the business owner then it falls down on you to give your remote employees those tools.

Whether it be as simple webcam & a microphone for online conferencing or a full-fledged workstation, it will be an investment on your part. It also keeps their(remote employees) work morale up as they know their needs are being taken care of. They can do their work without problems as far as resources are concerned.

Letting your remote employees work hassle free is a very important part of managing remote teams

Make Project Management Tools Your Best Friend

Project Management tools are a blessing of the 21st century. With the proper project management tools, you will be able to complete a full-fledged project no matter how hard it might be.

This, when used with all the projects for your remote team management, is a match made in heaven. It falls hand in hand, as you will be able to keep track of everything in real time, communicate instantly if a problem arises, send personal notes to for something specific, set milestones in each project and more.

It helps to keep your employees all the more inspired when they have reached a certain goal when working on a big project.

Note: You can check out Project Management module for WP ERP. WP ERP plugin is required to run this.

Managing remote teams

Offer Them Training & Personal Development Activities

Think of your employers as a part of your asset. As they grow so will your organization with them. In that scenario, it makes sense to invest in their future as it is closely tied to your organization’s too.

Help them keep up with the latest industry knowledge, provide them training on the up-to-date certifications. It also shows that you care about your employees future and keeps the company morale high.

Your employess are your biggest asset. Investing in them makes more sense than ever before

Make A Routine Of Holding A Regular Weekly Meeting With Everyone

This one’s a little bit tricky. How do you maintain a regular weekly meeting schedule when everyone is from different parts of the world. But you need to make sure you do this. This will help your employees get to know each other.

It is not unusual for employees to sometimes forget that the avatar they are talking to online is an actual living breathing human being. Your weekly meeting doesn’t even need to be work-related at all.

It can be about any topic as long everybody is willingly participating. They can share new ideas, talk about their hobbies, give each other thoughts on their own culture. It will help your employees create a better understanding of each other as well as for you to understand them.

Interested In Hiring Remote Employees! Then You Need This

So you are ready to hire employees and start managing remote teams. Then you deserve the best tools available. WP ERP is a complete WordPress ERP system that lives inside your website. It is FREE to get started on and comes with THREE FREE modules. A Customer Relationship Module, Human Resource Management Module, and an Accounting module.

There is also a separate Project Management extension that works with these three modules seamlessly.

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