Watch Out for The Top ERP Trends

Watch Out for The Top ERP Trends

In today’s commercial world of business, if you are running a company and still don’t have an ERP solution, then it could either mean you can’t afford it or you still don’t have any idea about its enormous growth and benefits produced over the years.

ERP solutions for businesses have changed dramatically in recent years, as have ERP trends.

Evolution Of ERP

Evolution Of ERP

ERP trends will have evolved a lot, and most of them are for the betterment of ERP solutions and their implementation. ERP requires ongoing evolution as your business grows.

So keeping a close eye on the current trends and changes in ERP is always a good idea for companies. so that they can adapt to the current ERP trends and implement them wisely to maximize results when necessary.

And so today, we will be discussing some of the top trends in ERP that will be making hype in 2024. So let’s get on with it.

Top ERP Trends

Let’s learn some cool trends about HR below:

Driving more toward cloud ERP

With the introduction of cloud ERP, there has been a significant transformation in ERP software in terms of its core enterprise organizations. This is something that has happened to significantly catch up with the pace of modernization in the industry.

People were already using the cloud ERP solution, but not as frequently as they are now. As a result, by 2023, the use of cloud ERP will not only increase but also become more popular. With the Cloud in place, you already have all of the information you need to do your job.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are working from the office or outside; cloud ERP will always have you covered. Given a steady internet connection in the form of Wi-Fi or cellular data, you will be able to access the software from anywhere you want. All the necessary data needed to better manage your company is already available in the cloud for you to grab at any time.

ERP solutions are getting more mobile-centric

Everything is getting mobile-dependent these days. So why would ERP solutions get left behind in this trend of going mobile everywhere? It is already a well-known fact that the mobile platform helps all professionals and sales executives access data on the go.

Mobile technology is soon going to invade the world of ERP zones. So in 2023, ERP software will be way more mobile-centric than you can ever imagine. The claim appears to be quite genuine, with an increasing number of desktops and other common access points being replaced to go mobile.

Almost all ERP solution providers are finding a way to get their systems to move forward by developing a variety of extensions and add-ons. As a result, it is reasonable to expect that by 2023, more and more ERP solutions will be mobile-friendly.

ERP and eCommerce getting more integrations

E-commerce and ERP will certainly go hand in hand in 2023. Many of the top e-commerce stores like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento are already thinking about integrating their stores with ERP software. Big names like eBay and Amazon are also involved.

This integration will improve the workflow of their e-store management process. You will be able to easily synchronize the data related to your store like inventory, orders, shipping invoices, etc.

This integration indeed creates a place of productive operations. That minimizes the error of manual data entry saving you a lot of valuable time at work.

Drifting towards a SaaS-based app

An exclusive & independent software is too expensive to maintain; hence, in 2023, getting a SaaS-based app-based ERP software will be the new trend that will be followed by many. Furthermore, people are already leaning toward SaaS-based ERP solutions, which is a good thing because SaaS-based apps are stored in the cloud and are much easier to manage and access.

And in 2023, business professionals will be more likely to choose it because it is easy to change. Not to mention the flexibility that SaaS-based ERP software provides to users.

With the apps within the organization, SaaS software provides easy software development with simple customization and integration benefits. A SaaS-based app solution for ERP also helps companies to gain big data insights easily.

Linking more with social media

It is quite normal to find almost all platforms supporting social media integration these days. Integration with social media has become a global norm nowadays. So in 2023, the linkage between social media platforms and ERP software will be the next emerging trend to watch out for.

However, after mid-2016, the demand for the integration of social media with ERP wasn’t that high. But it is certainly assumed to grab its pace soon once the ERP vendors have a proper idea of its demands and needs in the world market.

So looking at its future, it still has some time to achieve its desired success. But this trend is not something that you would like to overlook right now.

Advanced features of ERP solution

In today’s generation of innovation and technology, you can’t have tools or software that offer minimal functionality and features. Lack of functionality and features enables a user to have limited access to and analysis abilities with the given tools available within the current ERP system.

Seeing how popular it is for ERP software to have a lot of features, more ERP vendors are pushing to make ERP solutions with more features. The area a feature that has gotten more attention is security, user interfaces, automation & mobile. As a result, the purchase of ERP systems has increased in recent years.

So keeping this current trend in mind, ERP vendors are working towards getting their users a tighter security system, easy mobile accessibility, making the whole process automated, and a revamped user interface to work with. In short, something that is simple, automatic, and easily configurable.

So What’s Next?

Future of ERP

This might sound cliche, but the year 2023 could very well prove to be the year of ERP. Due to current ERP trends, over the past few years, for business companies, ERP implementation has seen constant growth. And the chances are that it will only keep growing if you take the current ERP trends into account.

Small to medium-sized businesses are already implementing ERP solutions to better manage their HR & CR departments. So with such rapid evolvement & usefulness of ERP, can you imagine any companies without the ERP solution in the coming years? Guess not huh? 😉

ERP for WordPress

ERP of WordPress

With the current ERP Trend in mind, any new WordPress user might want to invest in the implementation of ERP. So if you are a WordPress user wanting to implement ERP in your company, then it is the right time to get on with WP ERP.

WP ERP is a WordPress plugin that can effectively manage and take care of all your CRM, HRM, and accounting needs. With its cutting-edge in-built HRM, CRM, and accounting modules, you can optimize your small to medium-sized business. Several popular and useful extensions can be easily integrated with WP ERP for a better CRM and HR management experience.

So if you are looking for a highly customizable open-source ERP solution plugin for WordPress to take your business to the next level, then you would want to give WP ERP a shot.

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