How to hire the best candidate using WP ERP Recruitment

How to hire the best candidate using WP ERP Recruitment

Recruiting new employees for your company is a lengthy and complex process. It takes a good amount of planning and effort to select the right person for a post. While companies struggle to prepare a step by step recruitment process manually and lose time, energy and patience – smart people look for something innovative and effective.

WP ERP Recruitment add-on can help HR department of your company by providing a workflow based organized system. It can be easily integrated with WP ERP and also very easy to use.

In this article, we shall discuss how you can easily manage the recruitment process with this add-on.

Publish job openings on-site without additional cost

There are many third-party websites that offer postings of individual job openings, but they require additional payment. With the recruitment add-on, you can post job openings directly on your site and don’t have to pay a dime. This effectively reduces your cost. In addition, you will be able to increase the traffic of your site.

job openings on-site

Create custom forms for individual job openings

Recruitment add-on offers you customizable forms for creating job openings! You can create interactive and dynamic forms easily than before just using drag and drop. You can select mandatory fields and exclude unnecessary ones.

Customizable Job Opening Forms

Direct hiring saves a lot of HR time

When you can hire employees directly from your website, you can save a good amount of time. This gives you more opportunity of critically evaluating the candidates. Using recruitment add-on, your HR department can plan everything properly and manage the overall process without any hassle. Besides that, you can go through a structured step by step process that allows efficiency and more time.


Build questionnaire and take exams on-site

Having the opportunity of creating and conducting exams directly on your website gives you simplicity over the tasks. Recruitment add-on has the features including adding questionnaire, assigning candidates to test, review answers from candidate profile and evaluate by giving scores.


Structured workflow and candidate status for each recruitment

WP ERP Recruitment add-on gives you a structured workflow from screening to hiring candidates from each job openings. In this process, you can manage candidate status and life stage. You can also assign present employees to become leads of the recruitment process. Besides that, it is possible to evaluate the overall profile of a candidate and change their status and stage accordingly.

You can read the documentation to have a clear understanding of how the structured workflow is managed.

recruitment candidate list

Effective reports generated for each recruitment

Without effective reports, you cannot make a proper decision. To further assist you in making the most appropriate decision, Recruitment has a built-in reporting system. You can generate three types of reports including Opening, Candidate and CSV reports. They contain useful data and information that makes things more easily manageable for you and your HR team.


Easily manageable candidate profile with lots of features

The candidates who apply for a job opening created with recruitment add-on, gets a profile of their own in the HR system. Candidates can also upload their CV. This gives you enough opportunity to evaluate each candidate critically. You can also give ratings to the candidate and write comments. Besides that, you can assign different tasks to each of the candidates directly using Recruitment.

recruitment candidate profile

Import hired candidates directly to HR system

After you have reviewed the progress of each candidate and select the qualified one, you can change the status to hired and move the candidate directly to your WP ERP HR system. You can also add additional information related to the job and update their profiles.


Creating, publishing and managing recruitment job openings have become easier with the WP ERP Recruitment add-on. You can use your WordPress-powered website to publish jobs and hire candidates using an organized workflow. If you want to manage your overall hiring process with ease, check out the Recruitment add-on and become one of the smart people!

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