How WordPress Firewall Benefits You to Protect Your Site

How WordPress Firewall Benefits You to Protect Your Site

In today’s era, WordPress is madly popular. It is used by small to large organizations as well as bloggers all over the world. WordPress websites do everything they need to do in one place, which is better than any other platform.

This is what makes WordPress so appealing to all of its users. However, with such features comes the risk of a security breach on your website.

You always know that precaution is better than cure

It is safer to proactively secure your WordPress site than to wait until after an attack. The security breach is more serious and expensive too, and one should not ignore it.

That is the reason why you should develop a well-rounded security move that takes all the thoughts of the hacker.

We always take these automated security strategies and tools for granted without even giving a second thought about the cyber protection they provide to our website.

Let us dig into the WordPress firewall in more detail.

How does WordPress firewall work?

WordPress firewall

In the present world, a firewall is one that is built for the purpose to provide you with a valuable network security measure that has some set of rules on incoming and outgoing traffic in order to protect networks, servers, and websites etc.

These rules are meant to place a wall between a trusted server where your WordPress website is hosted on and an untrusted source which is the internet. It allows only the entry only for the trusted data.

Many methods are implemented to make this happen. Some of them are as below:

Filtration: Packets of data coming in contact with your firewall analyzes against a set of filters.

Inspection: To avoid analyzing all the data coming at your website, only the key elements are compared and identified to the trusted information of a database. If the data is matched then it is allowed to pass through.

Proxy: An intermediate path is established between your website and the internet. This path acts as a proxy or middlemen which allows passing the good traffic while terminating the rest before it enters your website.

Why do you need a firewall for your website?

When it comes to website security, it’s never perfect. There are no perfectly secured websites. This applies to WordPress sites as well.

Consequently, you possibly want to secure and strengthen your website against the inevitable cyberattacks by taking a wide variety of security measures. Among one of them is a firewall

Today, many WordPress plugins and features are available for WordPress users which offer an extensive array of tools that cover full security options. This allows operating very smoothly.

Even with the available tools, you are using only the few security measures which are provided. This leaves a doubt based on the specific needs of your website. But there are better reasons you want to make a firewall one use.

Best firewall tools to use

By far most of WordPress clients setting up a WordPress firewall “physically” would be to a great degree unrealistic. Also, it requires a specialized cleaves controlled by an exposed few.

security through WordPress firewall

Fortunately, a portion of those uncovered few inside the WordPress people group has made instruments and administrations that whatever is left of us can use to set up firewalls that assistance solidifies the security of our WordPress site.

Have a look at the few tools which you can use to increase your website’s security.

Shield- WordPress simple security firewall

Shield security WordPress firewall

It is popularly the most famous and growing plugin in the world of WordPress security.

Shield security promises to keep your website as safe as possible without damaging it with the unnecessary altering of your files.

All in one WP security and firewall

all in one WordPress security and firewall

The plugin has definitely grown in the past years as it provides an array of features that are all designed to help strengthen your website security. It provides a 3 tier features ranging from basic to intermediate, to advanced.

Jetpack- best WordPress security plugin

Jetpack is the most powerful yet popular WordPress security plugin developed by Automattic.

With Jetpack, you can easily manage your site with ensuring your site’s overall performance.

Also, it is designed to control the web and WordPress installations. It rejects or blocks any request from PHP before sending it to any of your plugins.

To conclude on WordPress security firewall

Using the WordPress firewall is one of the many ways to secure your website. But there is no complete assurance that it protects the website perfectly without errors. You can not take WordPress security lightly.

Therefore, firewalls are a great way to add an extra layer of strength to your web security. There are a lot of tools and services out there that can help the average website user set up a firewall that works well in terms of security and actions.

This is a guest post by Herman Morgan. He is working as a business analyst at, a custom software and SharePoint development company in Melbourne. He has three years of experience as a business analyst in a technological domain.

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