How Small Businesses Can Grow with WordPress?

How Small Businesses Can Grow with WordPress?

Small businesses power our economy. They ace the entrepreneur space with a fresh offering or at least a fresh outlook towards an existing sector. Obviously, they work under tight budgets and have a lot of potentials to grow. Having an online website can do them a huge favor by helping them grow, by making them accessible to a whole lot of eyeballs that could end up visiting and interacting with these small business’ website.

People expect small businesses to have their own websites because it is equivalent to people expecting businesses to have a real physical business address. Your online website for your small business is the point of introduction and contact for a whole new set of audience and you can not afford to miss out on that.

Since the prime concern of every small business is its budget, setting up a website can send them down a disappointing spiral. But, with WordPress, every small business from around the world can seamlessly create a website for their business offering, and that too for free. If these small businesses have the budget, they can further amplify the appeal of these WordPress websites, and grow their business over time.

Let’s find out how small businesses can use WordPress to create a website and grow their business.

Use WordPress to build a mobile-friendly and responsive website

If you are a small business, you need your own business website more than everyone else and you can use WordPress to accomplish that. It will not only help you sell your goods and services — but it will also help you provide something of value to your potential customers.

WordPress is a free website builder and it lets you easily build a website without requiring you to have any coding knowledge. In simple words, you can build your own website and start showcasing your products and services without the need of hiring expensive web development professionals.

Since a new small business is tight on the budget front, they can definitely save this website development money and invest it in other departments. They can easily build a super-responsive website which can be accessed by people over their mobile devices round the clock.

Use WordPress to build a blog

Gone are the days when blogging was considered as a domain for research-intensive businesses or brands. Now, all businesses that are trying to gain an edge over the market are trying to get into blogging. Blogging is immensely going to help your small business by driving traffic to your website, increasing your SEO/ SERP, helping you develop trust with the customers, and also provide value to your customers, and hence, build a great customer relationship.

You can easily create your own standalone blog with WordPress if you want to. You can use certain blogging themes and plugins to give your blog the right functionality and a great aesthetic appeal as well.

Your business blogs (with original, high-quality content) can help put up your business as a an information-hub. Also, it will help your clients and customers know more about your business or product from the comfort of their online home base.

Use free themes and plugins to create a UX centered web resource for customers

WordPress powers over 30 percent of websites over the Internet. A huge reason behind the popularity of this website builder is its amazing themes and plugins, and a lot of them happen to be free. A small business can take advantage of these purpose-specific WordPress themes to create their UX-centred business websites and further use many free plugins to provide functional features to their websites that will help the audience get around the website easily.

Build an online network of customers

Usually, a small business starts offline and most of its customers are offline base too. Not a lot of people know this business existing over the Internet. With WordPress, small businesses can sell their products by listing them on their eCommerce website and gain new customers. These customers can use the business website to order their products and pay for it through online mode. A business website gives you another opportunity for data collection/lead generation. In this subtle manner, small businesses can build their own online network of customers and multiply their revenue.

Offer technical support

As a consumer, we often end up facing tech support issues for certain products or services we purchase. Small businesses can facilitate trust among their audience by opting to start a technical support window on their WordPress website so that their customers can lodge a consumer complain or feedback, follow through the redressal timeline and get satisfactory support services.

Build a knowledge resource

If your small business belongs to the sector that has to do with education, lifestyle, philosophy etc., you can use WordPress to start your own knowledge resource series. These small businesses can create detailed knowledge guides for their concerned audience and clients and present it to them for online consumption. They can keep updating this knowledge resource so that the value of the resource stays updated. They can also create and run a user forum around these resources and build a community of their own. This will be a huge business promotion opportunity as well.

Analyze their path to absolute customer success

Having a website for a small business is crucial for the success of operations. In 2018, a business is all about pleasing your customer base and retaining them for as long as possible. In the cut-throat competition era, you cannot manage to run a successful business without going online with it. If a small business has a website that it has built with the platform of WordPress, it can stay connected to its customers at all times, which is obviously not possible in offline mode, given the crunching budget and location restrictions.

You can build a WordPress website and put up a form where it can collect feedback from your online customers and then you can eventually act upon it to make your business offering better than before. This step is a huge business enabler and will help you grow your business steadily.

Use an Ultimate Company & Business Management Solution for WordPress

Small business owners can seek the ultimate help from WordPress to be managed by a full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for their WordPress site that provides powerful CRM, HRM, Accounting & Project Management capabilities. This WP ERP – HRM, CRM & Accounting Solution For WordPress can help small business users tackle all their operations and business through just the use of this all-in-one plugin. They can use this plugin to create their very own HR system for the company. With the CRM features in place, users can manage and implement a personalized approach with every customer. Small businesses can also save a chunk off their budget by using the accounting module of the plugin. The plugin does offer paid extensions to extend the usability of this WordPress solution such as Payment Gateway, WooCommerce integration, Payroll, Inventory, Document Manager, Gravity Forms, and a lot much.


Setting up and starting a small business can be quite a challenge in itself for these budding business owners. Thankfully, with WordPress, they shouldn’t be worrying about issues that hinder their business performance such as the absence of a business website. They can easily build their own responsive business website, use WordPress in the ways mentioned above, and start promoting their business offerings, right away.

This is a guest post by Pawan Sahu. He is the founder of MarkupTrend. He is a passionate blogger and marketing geek who enjoys writing creative and technical posts (mostly related to WordPress, Web Design, Web Development, Blogging, Marketing, eCommerce etc.).

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  2. Exactly WordPress is the ultimate tool for small and medium businesses. When I came across these reasons, WordPress played a significant role in content marketing due to its portable content management system. Really WordPress developers provide more useful websites to the business with all advanced features in it. For example, it is more simple to integrate a lead form into the website. But it needs expert skills for a professional website build. is one of my favourite teams who support businesses with WordPress-based services.

  3. These are good ideas. However, 60%+ site visitors want to be able to speak to someone for information (only 16% email). We have a cool free WordPress plugin that enables toll-free calls for the site visitors.


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