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How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing: Actionable Tips And Tools (With Use Cases)

How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing: Actionable Tips And Tools (With Use Cases)

Digital marketing strategy and LinkedIn marketing campaign are two companions that can create an enormous impact on any business. Are you planning to strategize LinkedIn marketing policy?

LinkedIn is a professional social network that’s getting immense popularity within the business world. It is not only supporting businesses to create an effective marketing strategy but also serving them generate leads, establish partnerships and increase brand awareness.

LinkedIn is a professional social network; where all professional connections, industry discussions, and other business-related activities are carried out.

So, get connected to those 450 million professionals, engage your audience and create a secure link with them. This article will help you grow your business; boost your sales with our best LinkedIn marketing tips and LinkedIn marketing tools.

So, are you ready to create an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign?
Let’s get started.

Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips

To market your products/services or create brand value, you need to design a detailed plan and make your profile as responsive as possible. Here are a set of actionable tips for you.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

If you want to reach your customers, you need to create a complete profile of your business. Remember, your profile is the key to success as it will help you create the first impression.

Complete your linkedin profile
Google’s LinkedIn Profile

So, work on it, it could drastically generate an awe-inspiring and remarkable value for your business. Create a company page and enter all the necessary details. Company, name, professional image, company description, website, industry, physical location, feature groups, and other essential information.

Create Opportunities and Connect with Everyone

LinkedIn is an awesome networking platform; so you have the chance to get connected with these billion people/organizations out there. Don’t create hurdles for yourself. Avail this opportunity and communicate to the rest of the members on LinkedIn.

Expand your prospects, create new options, break those communication barriers and introduce yourself to others. Make new friends, accept unique invitations and expand our social network circle.

As It’s said- ‘The Greater The Better!’

Generate a Content Marketing Strategy

There is a lot of the hustle and bustle about content marketing. Surly! There is no misconception about its significance. Whereas, when it comes to LinkedIn; it is not only essential but critical for a LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to reach and engage your audience. LinkedIn offers three post types; write an article, image, and video. We would recommend you to use all three. However, writing a post, or sharing content with a link to full blog post would be more appealing, enticing and helpful. LinkedIn itself recommends its users to post content blogs to their LinkedIn page to boost their credibility.

Generate a Content Marketing Strategy
You can use free CM Toolkit

So, create content that will help you stand out, connect with your audience and help convert your visitors to your loyal customers.

LinkedIn Groups Best Practices

LinkedIn groups are the best way to make connections on LinkedIn. Many recommend connecting and searching groups in your niche area. However, we believe that LinkedIn is best social media platform; so connecting and interacting with niche related group will help you spread your message, connect with key partners and help you take your business at a heightened level.

Once you have joined a professional targeted group, you can build professional relationships for free. You can share ideas, insights and even ask questions and clear your ambiguities. Remember to keep a professional attitude in your active group. You are The One who is representing your business within your business circle.

Create Your Group

Being part of a group creates an opportunity to merge among your key partners. However, creating your group will help you stand out in your industry. Create a unique, innovative logo, title, and short description of your LinkedIn group. Make your group interesting, captivating and useful for others to join.

Though, before you create your group, ask yourself-

  • Is there a need to create a group?
  • Are there already loads of groups available in your industry?
  • Are you making the right decision?
  • Think and then take a step. Group ownership helps you stand out, but only if you have an innovative idea.

If you still plan to move on, don’t forget, to set some rules for your group and state your group membership type. Remember, own that authority, and don’t let it slide away. You are the originator of the group; keep hold of your authority.

Build Your Network by Recommending Others

Have you heard of the phrase, “The More You Give, The More You Will Receive.”

Yes, it’s true! We strongly believe that the more you give and help others; the higher the success you achieve. Recommending others on LinkedIn is a great way to help others. Remember, LinkedIn is a social media platform. Today, you support some; tomorrow someone will help you. It’s a give and a take relation.

Some useful tips-

  • Define your audience and goals
  • Optimize your company page for SEO ranking
  • Showcase your employees
  • Post a company update on your company page and increase company page engagement

Create LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Connect with professionals, then build relationships. We have entailed the best tips, now let’s head on to the best LinkedIn marketing tools. They will help you generate and boost your sales, revenues and create and positive impact in the online world.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

You are already know how to use LinkedIn for marketing your products and services. Now, let’s have a look at some essential tools that would help you get your desired result with ease.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most popular tools that can help you boost your sales. This remarkable tool will help you target the right audience, keep track of your key leads and help you engage with your customers.

Services of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator is offering advanced lead and company search feature with essential lead recommendations. Check some more.

  • Offers users to convert sales navigator activity to CRM in a single click
  • Offer various Deals and improve pipeline collaborations
  • Provides real-time sales update
  • Offers notes and tags option
  • Allows users to observe a list of those viewers who viewed your profile for the last 90 days
  • Offers e-mail message option and reach more than 500 million members
  • Offers PointDrive presentation; buyers can see the content without downloading and also track the viewers.
  • Offer TeamLink feature; allows users to connect with potential customers with the company’s combined network.

Use Crystal to Discover Personality

Use Crystal to Discover Personality

Crystal is a personality assessment platform. These LinkedIn personality assessment tools help users differentiate personality of the primary company with their coworkers and customer. Due to this, users are not only able to learn behavior and communication styles, but it can help them predict the personality of their customers.

Thereby, creating a strong relationship with each other.

How is it related to LinkedIn?

Crystal can review your prospects LinkedIn profile and provide you with insight about their personality. It will help you choose the right words, and help you create the image that would entice your prospect. You are not just making a cold call; you are approaching with care.

How is Crystal related to LinkedIn?

Most importantly, crystal can help you become a better communicator so that you can create a bang all over the board.
Crystal is offering three packages-

Crystal for hiring, for teams and sales

However, you can sign up to any of their package for free. Just fill in the details and enjoy.

Crystal LinkedIn

Just sign up and start your actions.

Datanyze LinkedIn for Boosting Your Sales

Datanyze LinkedIn for Boosting Your Sales

Datanyze is another recommendable LinkedIn tool; The Leader In Technographics. It is the only tool that can provide you real insights into the technology choices of the company you are looking for.

This tool not only sells and promotes your products based on the technology choice but can help you discover new prospects, find their contact and email addresses. Isn’t that amazing?

Key Features Of Datanyze-

  • Technology tracking; allows users to sell and market based on your prospects technology choices
  • Predictive analytics; enables users to create an edge in their existing pipeline and also help them find new accounts
  • Prospecting; help users search contact, find email addresses and research accounts.
  • Data enrichment; add technographics to its users CRM.
  • Most importantly, you get to avail their free demo or avail their free tools; technographics analysis, chrome extension, and webinars/ ebooks.

LeadFuze to Generate Leads with Ease

LeadFuze to Generate Leads with Ease

LeadFuze is another incredible LinkedIn marketing tool that can help you create a list of leads and target accounts. That’s not all; with a simple search, you can attain all the relevant contact information about your prospects. Contact information, email addresses, and phone number.

LeadFuze will also help you send automatic personalized emails and follow-ups; thereby creating an immense impact on your media marketing strategy.

A Short LeadFuze Review

  • Allows users to search for new potential customers instantly
  • Provide users with detail information about prospective customers; emails, phone numbers, social profile, industry type, location, technologies, keywords, and many more.
  • Offers account based selling
  • Integrates popular CRM’s and export LeadFuze lead data at any time

Most importantly, LeadFuze is a remarkable lead generation software tools and combines data aggregation from various trusted sources. It offers unlimited access and complete list building automation. With the help of LeadFuze, you can increase your conversion rate and create that sound image.

eLink Pro- Top LinkedIn Marketing Tool

eLink Pro- Top LinkedIn Marketing Tool

eLink Pro is another popular LinkedIn marketing tool that connects you with your contacts using simple keywords. It runs on a primary function- ‘your prospects will visit your profile if you visit their first.’

Consequently, eLink Pro allows you to visit 800 new LinkedIn profiles per day automatically. Though, there are only 5-10% chances of them to return. However, on a positive approach, you can convert the ones who visit you and boost your sales and revenues.

Most importantly, it is one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools that is offering a free version for five days. Whereas, if you want to get hooked with their premium version; below is their pricing plan

Wrapping Up on How to Use Twitter for Marketing

LinkedIn is a popular and remarkable social media platform that offers B2B networking opportunities that none other fails to provide.

Today, LinkedIn is a vast platform and creating that image; reaching your potential customers is no more accessible. It would be best if you equipped yourself with LinkedIn marketing tools. They will help you organize your contacts, manage your sales funnel and help you become a better decision maker.

So, LinkedIn marketing tools are a growing need, which needs consideration if you want to reach that position. Moreover, LinkedIn marketing tips go side by side. Not only that, it would help if you can create a seamless transition between targeting, research, and outreach.

We have enlisted the best LinkedIn marketing tips and best LinkedIn marketing tools. Now, it’s your turn. Turn your dreams into reality. Plan an online lead generation strategy and boost your sales and revenues.

Are you using any LinkedIn marketing tool? Which LinkedIn marketing tips are perfect to utilize as your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below!

This post is written by Khurram Shahzad. He is an experienced WordPress blogger. And a pro contributor at Quora and Medium.

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