How to Manage Employees More Efficiently (14 Advanced Tips With Powerful Tools)

How to Manage Employees More Efficiently (14 Advanced Tips With Powerful Tools)

No matter where you are standing in the top-level managerial hierarchy, efficient employee management is a must-have skill even if you are a first-line manager.

However, you may notice that your employees are attending at the right time and often working overtime – yet they are not prolific. With a sound mastery of the managerial skill, you can fuel the growth of your employees exactly the way you long for.

In today’s article, we will be digging deeper to discover all the possible ways of how to manage a team successfully to leverage employee productivity with advanced tips and tricks.

Now, let’s dive in.

Why You Can’t Ignore Smart Employee Management

how to manage employees with ease

Here are the reasons to manage your employees efficiently:

  • Boost up your human resource capabilities and productivity.
  • Make your employees happier and enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Increase your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Better work culture and ergonomics.
  • Growing steadily as a company.

Tips & Tricks to Manage Employees Efficiently

Here are a few effective tips and tricks that we have found useful in our organization:

Set Standard by Doing on Your Own

Great leaders set standards for their employees taking into consideration all the nitty-gritty of an efficient work environment. But what’s more important is that they comply with these ground rules by themselves.

This is the Holy Grail of being a successful employee leadership. That’s because your teammates learn from your practice and dedication, and in turn, they also obey your set standards.

Delegate Optimum Tasks

A human resource manager hires an employee for a reason i.e to delegate tasks to him/her. Before you delegate tasks, you need to optimize the number of delegated tasks according to employee efficiency.

how to manage lazy employees

Never try to delegate a ton of tasks to an employee. This will lead to depression if the employee can not complete all of them in time. Therefore, test the limit of your employees and delegate tasks accordingly so that your employees can prove them right.

Match Tasks to Skills

While assigning tasks, you should consider the employee skills and behavioral styles. You can never judge everyone with the same criteria.

For instance, some people are introverted, yet they are exceptionally strong at giving support with online text-chatting.

best wordpress employment plugin

Another example could be an extroverted person who may be very good at one to one customer support but may struggle at writing contents.

So, always ask yourself “Is this the right person you are delegating tasks?” If not find someone who is worthy of carrying out the tasks more adroitly.

Share Your Goal with Your Team Mates

If you want to get the best output from your employees you need to bring your company philosophy toward’s their eye. Besides, you need to share most of your business strategy with them to stay on the same page.

It helps everyone to become synergic and pursue the same passion you hanker after.

Communicate Effectively

Who does not know the importance of effective communication? You can never expect a sound output from any of your department of your organization except good means of communication.

If you are wondering that only the antiquated email communication can save your day, then you are wrong. That’s because email is considered to be the second most time-consuming way of communication. And here is a study by the Appfluence, stating email is the biggest time-waster:

how to manage employees
Image Source

That’s why we suggest you use communication solutions having calling options like Skype. You can also try workplace software like the WP Project Manager or Slack to instantly message your teammates.

Luckily calling via the communication tools and instant messaging through the communication solutions can save hours of back and forth exchange of emails which can give you a boost to your productivity.

Clarify Goals & Objectives

Here, at weDevs, we generally delegate tasks in the form of clear objectives at the beginning of a month. We also set goals quarterly for our employees so that one remains focused on one’s individual duties and responsibilities.

Like we mentioned in the earlier point while setting goals or objectives make sure that they meet the employee skills and their limits. You can follow the “SMART criteria” technique while preparing goals and objectives.

Incentivize Your Employees

Incentives are great ways to motivate your employees so that they become productive powerhouses. Incentives do not necessarily have to be a financial reward. Some employees may require “public recognition” while an employee may require a simple ‘Smile’ from you.

One way to incentivize your employees can be just recognizing their achievements. After attaining a certain achievement, you can do the following things to incentivize your employees:

  • Dine out Your Employees: You can dine out with your teammates recurring at a certain time period.
  • Paid Time-off: You can assign a particular objective for your employee and on the successful completion of the objective you can give him/her a paid time-off instead of a bonus. Time off from the office environment greatly helps to revive their mental strength. You can also allow him/her to leave the office early.
  • Thank with a Handwritten Note: You can send a short handwritten note mentioning that what they did was a great work. This creates a sense of satisfaction on your employees’ mind that you care for the accomplishment of the effort that he or she exerted.

Try a Wellness Program

Employees may expose themselves to an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, they can get addicted to eating fast food, rich food or sugar-added food. Another example is they can follow a very uneven sleep pattern.

Training is important to manage your employees

Unfortunately, this haphazard lifestyle can lead them to sickness and obesity which is not a good omen for them and your company as well.

This is why you can appoint a health expert to mentor them so that the number of sick leaves decreases and the expenditure for health insurance.

Prioritize Tasks While Assigning

You should always prioritize tasks before assigning them to your employees. To this end, you can cut off the smaller and unnecessary tasks and forward the smaller tasks to someone else whoever might be suitable for that.

For example, you can forward the data entry tasks from your marketing expert to your office assistant, if possible. This will open up the window to focus on more important and complex tasks for your marketing expert.

Train Your Employees up

Whether it is a new employee onboard or an existing employee of your organization, training on the job can be pretty effective.

Through training, new employees can get the opportunity to get along with the ground rules and the basic work-flow of your organization taking less time.

And the existing employees become able to boost up their productivity learning new skills and techniques.

However, training on the job may eat up a lot of work time. This is why we suggest you adopt an employee training solution that minimizes the time required for training sessions. In addition, with a training tool, you can also create personalized courses with gamification.

Stop Multitasking If Possible

If you delegate a variety of tasks in a body, then your employee may feel very uncomfortable to concentrate on his or her tasks.

Hence, try not to delegate different type of tasks altogether in order to ensure the best output from your employees.

Allow Working from Home

It is generally believed that telecommuting may decrease the work efficiency of your workers. But here is the truth from a study:

Employers found that the home-based employees worked more than office workers — 9.5 percent longer — and were 13 percent more productive.


If a productive employee feels out of sorts, then give him or her the opportunity to work from home. Forcing him/her to come to the office may otherwise act as a demotivating factor for the associated employee.

Give Constructive Feedback

If you can not measure the work performance of your employees, you can not tell whether the employee is productive or not.

In case your employee is unproductive, you need to show them your evaluation report that which areas he or she needs to work on.

Observe a Family Day

Throughout the year, pick a day on which you, your employees and all of their family members can attend and celebrate the day and share everyone’s story, next plan, etc. with one another.

This will create a sense of trust in your employee’s mind that you not only care for your company but also care for their family. This type of activity will also increase the productivity of your employees.

The Final Outcome

If your employees’ working hour exceeds the typical 40-hour work week that does not necessarily indicate more productivity.

There’s no use of kicking the can down the road if your employees are not as productive as expected. And, you can not steer clear of the inbred problems related to the unproductiveness of your employees.

If you would like to tackle employee unproductiveness in the smartest and easiest way then you have to deploy an HRM software. That’s because an HRM tool is tailored to meet all the requirements to manage your employees as efficiently as possible.

We hope that the above-mentioned team management tips will be helpful to reduce the employee unproductiveness and make them as productive as the way you exactly yearn for.

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