Top exemplary ERP thought leaders worth following

Top exemplary ERP thought leaders worth following

Technologies have not evolved overnight. The ERP solutions we are using now took years of tweaks and improvements to come up to today’s shape. No matter what type of ERP software you are using, several thought leaders in ERP are worth following due to their contributions to the evolution of ERP solutions.

Today’s article is a listing of the notable ERP thought leaders whom you can follow to stay updated within the ERP ecosystem and get priceless ideas from them.

Here are a few great ERP leaders you can follow on Twitter

Simon Porter

ERP leaders

Being the influencer of cloud, big data, and IOT and having 153k followers on Twitter, Simon Porter tops our list. He had been serving IBM for more than 30 years. He specializes in different aspects of business, like marketing, sales, and deal-making. He assisted in the establishment of new startups in an international atmosphere.

Apart from that, he has been a successful leader in large $Bn units in the fields of software and services. He knows how to reach out to new buyers with proper digital marketing techniques. When it comes to SAAS and the cloud, he deploys new delivery and consumption models to improve sales and marketing techniques.

More and more businesses recognize that to have the workforce agility, talent and skills needed to be successful in the global economy, they must modernize HR.

Simon Porter

Simon Porter

Follow Simon Porter on Twitter.

R Ray Wang

ERP leaders

Ray has a huge number of 119k followers on Twitter. He excels in areas like keynote speaking, executive events, user group surveys, product launch design, AR program review, partner program review and many more. In the competitive landscape of the ERP industry. Ray crafts the strategies for the rolling out products of promising ERP tool makers.

He had been serving at Constellation Research, Vestigo Ventures, People-Centered Internet, Independent, and so many more.

Last but not the least, “Disrupting Digital Business” is the best selling book of Ray and it was published by the Harvard Business Press.

Data is the foundation of Digital Business. Every touch point, every click, every byte of digital exhaust.

– R Ray Wang

Follow R Ray Wang on Twitter.

Holger Mueller

ERP leaders

Holger is the VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research which especially focuses on the fundamental enablers of the cloud, IaaS and PaaS, Big Data, Analytics, and SaaS development. Being a 28-year experienced business enterprise veteran, he has a vast knowledge of the implementation of ERP software in business enterprises.

Before joining Constellation Research, he had been working as a Vice Principal of Products for NorthgateArinso. Here he led the transformation of how products will be uploaded to the cloud and built the platform to BPaaS.

Follow Holger Mueller on Twitter.

Michael Krigsman

ERP leaders

Michael Krigsman is a globally renowned industry analyst, keynote speaker, writer, and host of Cxotalk. His work has been referenced in around 50 books and published in the Wall Street Journal and various websites.

He has also been covered in Klout’s list of 13,000 IT influencers and the Onalytica list of the top 100 digital transformation influencers (2018). He is also working as a ZDNet columnist and has been a prolific writer.

Beware silver-tongued influencers who lack practical experience in the field about which they write and speak. Never be afraid to ask tough questions and if the answers don’t seem right, then find another source of advice.
Michael Krigsman

Michael Krigsman

Follow Michael Krigsman on Twitter.

Louis Columbus

ERP leaders

Louis Columbus is a great product marketing and product management leader. He has vast experience in different fields such as marketing management and sales, giving a strong priority to cloud computing.

He is an exceptionally talented ERP thought leader who is solidly experienced in catalog and content management, pricing, quoting systems, sales, and product configuration. He has a great passion for making one-of-a-kind ERP solutions and loves to lead the leaders of the ERP industry.

Follow Louis Columbus on Twitter.

Jason Averbook

Jason Averbook

Jason Averbook is the CEO and co-founder of Leapgen. He is also a great thought leader when it comes to the ERP industry. He has vast 25-year experience in the HR and technology industries and has coordinated with industry-leading corporations.

His two amazing books are namely “HR from Now to Next” and the “Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience“. He is a great futurist who loves to change the executive mindset through better design of automated ERP solutions.

Follow Jason Averbook on Twitter

Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner is an ambidextrous person in IT market analysis, social influence, and engaging online content production. He has 20 years of expertise in tracking IT advances and disruption and has interviewed a great number of people struggling with their business transformation.

Formerly, he started his career as a journalist and editor on global technology industry news. Soon after that, he gradually became obsessed with researching and analyzing the growing internet infrastructure in the business world.

Follow Dana Gardner on Twitter


We have just included these leaders as per the number of the fanbase on Twitter. But that does not necessarily mean that besides these leaders, there are no noteworthy ERP thought leaders out there.

Hundreds of researchers and experts are also responsible for pulling the rope of the development of ERP applications. If you do know remarkable ERP thought leaders, you can mention them below in the comment section.

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