Manage your company’s departments, employee, designation and attendance with WordPress

Manage your company’s departments, employee, designation and attendance with WordPress

A successful business owner always maintains smart marketing strategies. To capitalize on it in time, he or she needs the best output from his or her employees. So as a business owner, you have to know how to manage employees in a very effective way.

Small businesses could grow if they are more effective in managing their employees.

Christopher Collins, professor, Cornell University associate

You need smart people who will work for you and their effort along with your smart business tactics. Business leaders should understand the importance of employee implementation so that they can apply consistent and effective methods for evaluating employees.

To accomplish goal you must manage your employees in a systematic way. Because their effort and wisdom can help you to succeed in achieving goals.

How to manage employees
Managing your team with HRM

Why Employee Management is Important

The importance of employee management is crucial for a company. They are a vital portion of any company. So you can’t ignore managing them professionally.

Employees were recruited into the company as specialists and put into roles that made the most of their specific strengths and abilities. – Steves Jobs

Employee management is important because it can facilitate the following:

  • Develop work efficiencies
  • Make them concerned about their task
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Secure employee data
  • Build-up communication skills

How Does ERP Software Help to Manage Your Business & Employees Easily

How to manage employees
ERP solution workflow

What is ERP Software?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business management software that manages day-to-day business activities like accounting, project management, sales records, employee management, customer relationship, and others.

ERP is first an attitude; second, a process, and only third, a set of tools.

Alexis Leon

It is designed to develop businesses to take smart decisions, provide their customers with better service, and do more efficient work overall by easing processes and workflows.

ERP Software: A Compact Solution To Supercharge Your Business

When a new ERP system is executed into a running business, the business is benefited in terms of capacity and productivity. ERP systems allow businesses to get higher perception and noticeable progress in their day to day operations.

Effective Employee Management
Effective Employee Management

It not only helps a business owner to make critical decisions but also helps to maintain a competitive edge in business, no matter how big or small competition is. Having 360° visibility in overall projects, employees easily find the problems. And they can quickly solve those problems.

However, employees can also get benefit from applying a new ERP system. To manage projects along with employees in a smart way using an ERP solution is perfect.

Let’s know how ERP solution helps to manage business and employees

  • Reduce paper document
  • Refine timeliness of information
  • Faster feedback and follow-up on customers
  • Helps to achieve competitive advantage (Goal)
  • It mitigates most business problems
  • And more

So these are the main helpful functions of having ERP solutions. Using an ERP solution you can easily manage, contribute and take decisions.

WP ERP: First All in One ERP Solution in WordPress

Best HRM software

Like a full web application, best WordPress ERP plugins can turn your current sites to an undeniable ERP System instantly.

When you consider an ERP solution based on WordPress – you can take consider the WordPress ERP plugin. It is the first and the most established ERP solution to WordPress users.

Why Choose WordPress ERP?

WordPress ERP is the all-in-one package for ERP solutions. It Supports 10,000+ businesses worldwide. Over the last few years, its amazing features and customer support make it trustworthy among the users. And the expectation is increasing due to its continuous advancement.

Now, let’s dive into the features of WordPress ERP.

Modules of WordPress ERP

WordPress ERP includes 4 modules along with 23 extensions pack. It’s a complete package for WordPress site. You can start the journey with WordPress ERP by purchasing the starter pack spending 149$/per year.

Let’s check out the essential modules of WordPress ERP.

Human Resource Module

Having controls over everything related to HR tasks with the HR module. You can see the total list of the employees, search for employees by Department, observe every one of the projects, and make decisions for all employees.

Customer Resource Module

With the CRM module, you can be able to see the preview of the month, day, and week. You can also see the number of customers, leads, opportunities, and subscribers. The tool is free, so you don’t need to pay for it.

Accounting Module

You can get a quick overview of your business transaction from the Accounting module. From the Accounting Dashboard, you can monitor all the financial statements of your business.

The graphical presentation will help you to understand the total expenditure. And you can also manage your daily transaction with the accounting module.

How to Manage Your Company’s Department With WordPress ERP HRM

Let’s assume that you have already had the WordPress website having the WordPress ERP tool up and running.

In case you did not know how to install the WordPress ERP, you can follow this documentation or watch the installing process from the following video:

Once you set up the WordPress ERP, you need to do the following things to manage your employees:

Creating Department

Right after installing the WordPress plugin, you need to create a few necessary departments for your company so that you can manage your employees in an easier way.

Now, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HRM → Departments → Add New.

How to manage employees
Configuration of Department
  • Click “Add New” then you will see a window like this:
How to Add a new department
Adding a new department

Insert Some Useful Information

  • In this section, you will get the following window. Here you can insert the department information of an employee.
How to add Department
Giving department information of an employee
  • After adding the information of an employee, you can delete or edit it.
How to edit employee department
Editing Department
  • After clicking on the “edit” option, you will able to edit that section. If you want to delete that section then just click on the “Bulk Action” and then move to trash.
How to manage employees
Applying the bulk option of Department

By following this way you can easily create and manage a department with the WordPress ERP HRM.

How to Set And Manage Your Employee’s Designation With WordPress ERP

Creating designation is another wonderful feature of the WP ERP HRM. You can easily differentiate between the roles and responsibilities of your employees. You can set up one designation for many employees.

Let’s know how you can manage your employees creating a designation.

Creating Designation

  • First, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HRM → Designations(tab) → Add New.
How to create designation with WP ERP
Creating designation
  • Now provide title and description.
How to manage employees
Providing Designation information
  • After creating designation you can edit or delete it.
How to add designation
Option to edit designation

By following these steps you can create the designation.

How to Manage Employees Attendance With WordPress ERP

Proper scheduling is crucial for any project. Especially when you are running a large business and at the same time managing many people who are working for you. But it is really difficult and time-consuming to maintain a large number of people manually.

However, you can maintain your employee’s attendance without facing any hassle with the WordPress ERP Human Resource Module. Attendance Extension of WordPress ERP HRM allows you to track the work hour of your employees and also their attendance instantly.

Note: Attendance Extention is available in the pro-version.

Let’s know how you can you manage attendance with WordPress ERP

Installation process

As it’s a pro-feature, you have to download the file and then upload it on the plugin.

  • Navigate WP Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin → choose file → Install and Activate.
How to upload downloaded file
Upload plugin where you saved
  • Then click on the choose file button and hit on the install button.

Attendance settings

  • Go to the WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Attendance → Settings
How to manage attendance with WP erp
Attendance settings
  • You’ll get the following settings:
How to manage employees
HR Settings
  • Here you can configure grace time, enable self Attendance, restrict IP, Whitelist IP’s, Shift Management, Starts and Ends time of office, etc.

How to Restrict IP?

IP restriction is another remarkable feature of WordPress ERP HRM. You can block an IP address from time thieving. If you maintain a big number of employees then this feature is useful to you.

You can insert the desired IP addresses to the whitelist. So employees cannot check-in or check-out from different IP addresses. All you have to do enable the IP Restriction for check-in/check-out.

How to restrict IP
Restrict IP address

How to Filter Attendance Records?

You can see the total records of your employee’s attendance in this section.

To get this navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Attendance → Attendance.

  • Here you can get your employees, their name, department, status, check-in, check-out, and the total work time.
How to create attendance with WP ERP
Attendance record
  • Now you can filter the attendance list according to these categories including today, yesterday, this month, last month, this quarter, last quarter, this year, last year and even custom filter.
How to filter attendance
Filtering Attendance

Setting Up Email Reminder

You can enable email reminder for your employees so that they can get a notification if they missed to check-in on time.

  • To activate this navigate to ERP Settings → Settings → HR→Attendance
  • You have to enable “send an email notification to remind checking-in”.
  • Insert the office starts and ends time. But if you disable “enable shift” you need to insert the times manually.
How to enable email remainder
Enabling email remainder

If you enable Shift Management, then it will automatically use the times you created for Shifts under Attendance.

Configuring Reminder Email

  • To do this navigate to ERP Settings→Settings→Emails.
How to setup email remainder
Email remainder
  • Then a new window will open. Here you can insert the Email Subject, Email Heading, and Email Body.

Self Attendance Service

  • To enable this navigate to ERP Settings → Settings → HR → Attendance → Enable self attendance service for employees.
  • After enabling this option your employees can easily check-in and check-out from the selected IP addresses. And your employee will get an attendance window with a detail report.
How to manage employyes
Attendance dashboard
  • Your employee will also get a notification after a successful check-in.
  • If they don’t finish working on time, they will also get a notification.
How to manage employees
Notification on checking out
  • To see employee’s whole attendance data navigate to WordPress dashboard → WordPress ERP → HR → Employees. Select the employee whose profile you want to see.
How to configure attendance
Overview of attendance report
  • You can get more information in this section, like a total worked hour, overtime, average worked, average check-in, average check-out, total working days, present and absent reports.
How to add attendance report
Attendance report

Attendance Report

  • To get the attendance report, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Reports
How to manage employees
Attendance report

Import & Export Data

You can export or import your employee’s data within a second. So all you have to do navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Attendance → Import/Export

How to manage employees
Import and export data

Above all discussion, you can assume that how user-friendly WP ERP is!. These are the vital and amazing features of WP ERP. So you can easily manage your employee’s Department, Designation and Attendance with the WP ERP HRM.

What’s More You Can Do With the WordPress ERP Free Version

WordPress ERP gives a suite of WordPress-explicit modules that extraordinarily improve the usefulness of the WordPress dashboard by including CRM, HRM, Accounting and the Project management modules to the dashboard.

You will get the WordPress ERP core module after installing it. In the free version, you can able to use features like Employee Management, Leave Management, Contact Management, Search & Filtering, Accounts Management, Customer & Vendors, Reporting, and Notes.

To get all the facilities of WordPress ERP you have to get the WP ERP premium version.

Final Words

Being successful in this competitive business world, you must arrange all the resources systematically. It will help your business to streamline, automate, and scale up easily.

WP ERP will help you to grow your business, no matter what the size is. You can keep your resources in the perfect place to implement and improve with WP ERP. Therefore, without making any delay just grab the WP ERP HRM module now.

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