Best WordPress ERP Solution to Make Your Business Boom (Why to Dive into Pro Plans)

Best WordPress ERP Solution to Make Your Business Boom (Why to Dive into Pro Plans)

If you have already installed WP ERP on your WordPress site, then you are probably aware of its unique efficiency as well. It’s a common platform to manage all business functions and day-to-day activities from your dashboard.

Most amazingly, WP ERP’s free/core version provides all the essential features you need to manage the basics of your business. As a startup business owner, you can save your pocket by getting the core version of this plugin.

However, you can supercharge your business by getting the premium extensions built for WordPress ERP. It lets you optimize your business like a pro based on your requirements.

Today we will show you how the premium extensions of WP ERP accelerate the business growth outpacing its type, size or scale.

General Features of WordPress ERP Core

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WP ERP supports 3 core modules: HR, CRM, and Accounting. They all together make a complete ERP solution for any type of business.

HR Management: You can track all the business information and process them for further usage directly from your dashboard. So, you can manage your employee’s data effortlessly with the WP ERP HR module.

CRM System: This ERP module allows you to control all the customers at your fingertips. It makes the process of converting
to customers is much easier, organized, and seamless.

Accounting System: It enables you to centrally track all the financial accounting data within an optimized framework. So, you will get a wide control over the general accounting operations for your business.

Here are some benefits you get by using the pioneer WordPress ERP:

  • Individual company profile
  • Complete control over all business activities
  • Regular overview of all modules
  • Notification emails with templates & shortcode
  • 44+ currency support
  • An interactive support team and full documentation

Hence, it is very easy to install WP ERP on your WordPress site and automate your company movements from top to bottom.

What You are Missing in WPERP Free Version:

You can extend the functionality of core WP ERP with its premium extensions as per your business need. It supports 20+ WordPress extensions to supercharge your all-in-one business manager. Here, we will discuss the most popular features that make WPERP the first choice of its users.

Accounting Extensions

You will find 6-premium extensions for the WordPress ERP Accounting system. Let’s see what you will get with premium Accounting extensions:

Payment Gateway

This extension allows you to get direct payments from the most popular payment gateways. This extension is fully integrated with PayPal and Stripe.

Features you will avail:

  • Flexibility to choose your desired payment account
  • Enable your users to pay directly from invoices
  • User payment options from the frontend

Thus, it provides a trusted payment solution along with the ability to choose your desired payment account. Moreover, it provides a front-end form for the recipients to make their payments against the invoice. So, it is a full-fledged secured system for your business transaction.


Inventory extension lets you a complete overview and control over the stocked products. Now, you can perform stock management for your products within your accounting software. This interactive inventory management system can seamlessly operate with invoicing, stock and many more.

Features you will avail:

  • A quick overview of all your stocked products
  • Complete control of each product’s customization
  • Advanced search feature with filtering options
  • Generate in-detailed inventory reports instantly
  • Automatic Tax Calculations

So. it will save time by minimizing repetitive works. And you will be always updated with the current status of stocks & goods.


You can manage all office expenses from your site dashboard using the ERP Reimbursement feature. So, employees can request reimburse payments in an easy and effective way.

Features you will avail:

  • Support the simple process of creating and submitting employee Reimbursements
  • Show reimbursement details and their current state
  • Admins can control all the reimbursements from the backend dashboard

Moreover, you can configure and customize the payment section of reimbursement. And you will get an overview of a detailed report with charts and numbers.

However, you can check all the amazing WordPress ERP Accounting System extensions and scale your business procedures smoothly. Most importantly, these premium extensions will give you overall support to manage your company’s accounting with ease. That is not possible in the free version at all.

Now, WP ERP Accounting Module becomes more powerful with blazing fast and improved characteristics.

CRM Extensions

WordPress ERP

WordPress CRM supports 14 extensions to enhance your customer experience. With free client management, you can create contact groups, schedule meetings, filter contacts, assign tasks to the right agent and so forth. But in the premium plans, you will get more powerful extensions that will make the process of converting leads to customers is much easier.

Let’s see what you will get with premium CRM extensions:

Help Scout Integration

You can connect Help Scout with ERP to get your tickets delivered right to your CRM. So, it will automatically connect help desk contacts with CRM whenever a new ticket is created.

In simple words, when a new contact creates a Help Scout ticket, the CRM contact list is updated instantly. Also, you can check the user’s details of an existing contact on Help Scout. It will increase the possibility to get new customers for your service or products.

Awesome Support Sync

Now, you can communicate and solve customer complaints faster than ever. Awesome Support Sync lets you manage your Awesome Support and CRM contacts simultaneously. With this tool, you can automatically import all Awesome Support contacts to your WP ERP CRM. So, it will increase the opportunity to make more leads & subscribers.

Hence, this integration lets you view clients’ purchase history & profile details directly from your CRM. As a result, you will be able to provide quick and better service to your users.

SMS Notification

CRM notification

SMS Notification lets you send SMS notifications to your contacts and employees directly from your ERP system. So, you can send messages to your CRM contacts and employee list of the HR module simultaneously using famous SMS gateways. And all the things can be possible directly from your ERP system.

Most amazingly, it supports the 7-most popular SMS gateway to make the communication seamlessly. Moreover, you can choose a particular group of people to send a specific notification.

Gravity Forms Sync

If you are using gravity form on your site, then this tool allows you to import all the form users into the CRM module. So, you can provide better support to them effortlessly. With CRM Gravity Form Sync, you can track all the user’s details from your ERP system.

Also, all the data collected from the form will be available in the contact list instantly. Furthermore, you will get great flexibility in customization for advanced mapping of your fields.

Therefore, these extraordinary features of the CRM module will bring you closer to your leads. and you will be able to offer better and personalized services for them. Perhaps, you will witness a great hype to your profit margin within a short time period.

Nevertheless, you should check all the premium extensions of the CRM module before making any decision. Surely, it will improve your relationship with your users.

HRM Extensions

HRM in wordpress

Well, the core HRM module of WP ERP enables you to view and manage your employee’s details from your WordPress site. Your employees also can perform various functionality from the frontend without having to resort to the dashboard.

However, you cannot manage the entire recruitment process in the free version. Also, it does not give you the complete grip over employee management. But all these advanced features can be acquired with premium HRM extensions. You can choose from 10+ WordPress extensions to make your business growth faster.


With this HR tool, you can arrange the required training sessions for your employees. You can upload all the training details and materials on your ERP system in a manned way. Also, you can select the trainee by their designations or departments with a few clicks only. Consequently, this training management system will make the employee evaluation easy by updating their skills.

WP ERP HR Frontend

HR Frontend

The advanced technology of WP ERP brings the HR module to the frontend. So, you will get an interactive dashboard with full security and privacy. It ensures a seamless experience for the HR managers. They can manage employees, departments, designations of each employee right from the frontend.

Furthermore, it will generate an automatic detailed report that will save your time indeed. An admin can keep a bird’s eyes over all the activities occurring in the business around.


It’s a major issue for all the companies to manage the employee salary system. Luckily, WP ERP Payroll blows away all the hassle by automating employees’ payment system. Now you can operate all the salary activities from the WordPress Dashboard.

You can account for all the expenses, salary, assets and others along with a detailed report at your fingertips.


Now, you can perform all the recruitment activities from posting the job to appoint an employee right from your dashboard. ERP Recruitment extension helps you to automate your hiring procedure with the Complete Resume Manager & Recruiting system for WordPress. It diminishes the need of any external engine or job vacancy website.

Also, you can filter and organize the applications instantly from the dashboard. Moreover, it provides all the details about job requirements and candidates at a glance.


WordPress ERP

With this premium extension, you can integrate an easy attendance system into your business. It will be beneficial for you by monitoring employee work hours and other details. Also, you can manage a complete leave management system effortlessly right from your dashboard.

Our Employee Attendance Management allows you to specify office hours, grace check-in and check-out time. That allows employee check-in and check-out with a daily overview. Moreover, it empowers employees’ performance with powerful reporting and rich analytics.

However, you can check all the HRM extensions to manage all the HR activities in one place.

Start your Journey with the Best WordPress ERP

All the extensions of WordPress ERP are specially designed to help your business grow and meet the changing demand of the industry. Firstly, you should identify the features that your company needs for HRM, CRM, and Accounting. Then, choose from around 25+ extensions that solve specific business problems.

WP ERP comes in 3-different pricing packages with a variety of extensions choice. Most amazingly, all of our plans come with a no-obligation 30-day free trial. And you will get 24/7 customer service from our support team. So, upgrade your ERP free version and grab all the opportunities.

Do hurry and make it yours to revamp your business right away. Get started with WP ERP today and see the difference yourself.

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  1. I like the way you described and the amazing features of WP-ERP. I have a query before making a decision-

    “Do I have to pay individually for the different modules or buy once all together?”


  2. Hello Lourdes,

    Thanks for your query. The core WP ERP is completely free. For advanced features you can turn on the modules based on your preference. We have different packages to serve your needs.

    Contact with our support team for the further assistance. We have a 24/7 dedicated team for our valued clients.


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