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Accelerate Your Startup’s Growth with a WordPress Marketing CRM

CRM marketing automation has become a subject of interest over the last few years. Because integrating marketing and customer relationship management in one automation system is a great way to cut costs and enhance revenue. Most importantly, the scope of data centralization and efficiency improvement has made it irresistible to all kind of organizations.

For every business out there, especially for the startups, sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and retention, everything is equally important. So, the use of a CRM that includes marketing automation can be a huge plus for the entrepreneurs.

Let’s get to know which features are important to choose such a CRM.

The 360-degree customer view

No matter which type of business you run, you’ll always want to stay updated about your customers. Because every piece of information about them is invaluable for the business. A great CRM tool will let you have a good look at all these from one place.

With the WordPress CRM Overview page, you can get an accurate view of the number of customers, leads, opportunities, inbound emails, schedules, and recent histories. Option for managing contacts and companies will give you an edge both in the B2B and B2C maintenance.

User lifecycle monitoring

Customer relationship management is not a jiffy process. It takes personalized nurturing in every stage of user lifecycle. So, it’s really important to segment your users in different stages like – Customers, Leads, Opportunities, Subscribers and nurture them accordingly.

WordPress CRM lets you categorize your niche targets in the four basic stages of user lifecycle. It ensures you’re treating your contacts right. According to importance and urgency.

Automated Workflow

Anyone can interact with your business anytime. It’s quite impossible to recognize that interaction and response personally instantly. But with a CRM tool which can trigger events automatically, you can make this possible. Think about how good your customer experience will be?

With the Smart Workflow feature of CRM, you can trigger your desirable actions when any interaction happens automatically. Customizable conditions and delay features will give you full control over the actions.

Event Management

When you are running an enterprise, you’re bound to face loads of events. And every event is more or less significant for the growth of your business. Certainly, you need a tool that includes an easy event management option.

With WP ERP CRM tool, you can note all the events and create reminders for meetings, calls, or other important ones. Easily keep track of all the meetings, calls, emails, SMS in one place to gain better insight.

Built-in Communication System

You can’t think of a marketing automation software without a reliable communication system. We all know time is the enemy to reach all your customers, or leads, or opportunities. But you do have to reach them all. That’s why a self-sufficient CRM marketing tool consists of a built-in communication system. An option for personalizing your emails for different users has become a piece of cake.

File Management System

No need to mention the importance of file sharing tool in a CRM marketing automation system. Switching between different apps every time for every single purpose is not only annoying but also time-consuming. In this circumstance, a CRM with built-in Document Manager can be the savior.

Synchronization with Sales

Customer relationship management, sales, and marketing all are interrelated. Therefore, streamlining all the data about customer order details, transactions, and sales allow your CRM agent to be the best in the market.

The WooCommerce integration plugin automatically exports new customers’ list to the contact list and keeps track of all the orders and transaction done by WooCommerce from your CRM.

SMS Notification

The purpose of the CRM tool is to make your CRM team ready for every situation. When you need to notify your employees urgently, an email might not always help. How about the SMS notifications instead? Yeah, it’s another desirable feature of WordPress CRM. Moreover, it helps to connect with clients better.

Smart Deals Management

As your business grows, lots of deals and customers will need to be handled by your CRM agents. To improve efficiency and avoid human error, no alternative for a Deals management tool.

An automated Deals Management tool lets you harmonize all your contacts and deals in the pipeline based sales process and manage them all seamlessly. Advanced reporting, drag and drop feature, charts and diagrams, real-time activity data will give you a great organizing experience.

Integration with Multiple Software

Another important thing to consider before choosing CRM is the ability of integration with other software. If you already have contacts and data on different help desk software or plan to use more on later, you’ll need a hassle-free transfer system. Same goes to marketing automation software. Hence, it’d be inappropriate for any CRM not having the transfer system built-in.

So, try to use a CRM that integrates with the most popular software like – Help Scout, HubSpot, Zendesk, Awesome Support, MailChimp and so on.

Final Words

A perfect CRM solution not only ensures the best customer experience but also gives a boost in sales and marketing. So, find out the perfect solution for CRM and marketing automation. With a unified approach to data management, stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients

Build Long-Term Relationships with Clients