How to Translate WordPress ERP to Your Favorite Languages Easily

How to Translate WordPress ERP to Your Favorite Languages Easily

WP ERP or WordPress ERP is one of the most popular ERP solutions to the Human Resource, Client Resource, and Accounting related problems. By default, the plugin is available in English.

Fortunately, if you want to translate it to your desired language, then you can do it almost effortlessly. In today’s post, we will show you how to translate WP ERP in your own language.

But before that let’s give a check-

How You Can Translate WP ERP in Your Own Language

Make sure to follow the below steps. Here in this tutorial, we will be using the free Poedit software to translate WP ERP. Not only the tool, Poedit is free but also compatible with any operating systems like OSX Catalina, Ubuntu and Windows 10.

Step 1: Install Poedit

Next up, you need to install Poedit on your computer. You can use any plugin as an alternative to the Poedit.

Step 2: Download WP ERP Plugin

Go to to download the zip file of WP ERP. Now, unzip the file and find the translation file from this location: inside “/wp-erp/i18n/languages/”. Next up, click on the wp-erp.pot file to open it in the editor.

Step 3: Start Translating

translate ERP

Select the “Plugin.pot” file.

ERP plugin pot file

Select your desired language from the dropdown menu.

Language of the translation file erp

Now is the time to create a translation on your desired language.

translate WP ERP

Step 4: Save the Translated File

Now, while saving the file, please keep in mind that it has to follow a specific naming format. Like- for Bengali, I have named the files as erp-bn_BD.po and

translate WP ERP

Step 5: Compile .mo File

Now, if you are using Mac, then you can go to the File > Compile to the .mo file.

translate WP ERP

Voila! You made it! Now, you have completed all the processes needed to translate the WP ERP Core file.

Interestingly, the .po file will automatically be generated too!

Please note that, if you are trying to translate the plugin to French, then the file name should be and erp-fr_fr.poTo know about your language code you can refer to

Step 6: Place the File in the Appropriate Location

Now, that you have translated and generated the two files, you now need to place these two files inside this location:/wp-content/plugins/erp/i18n/languages folder or /wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder.

Step 7: Change the Site Language

Now, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > Settings > General > Site language. Now, choose your desired language (In this case, we have selected Bengali). Finally, hit the save button.

That’s it!

If you have changed your site language from WordPress settings and placed the language file in the appropriate location, then you are done. Now just refresh any of the pages and the translations will start working.

Here Is A Translated View of the ERP Dashboard

When you are done with translating the whole system by following the above-mentioned process. Here is how your translated ERP system will look like:

translate WP ERP

Time to Get & Translate WP ERP to Your Own Language

We have shown you translating WP ERP core file with the Poedit software. However, you can use any tool to translate the WP ERP file.

The good news is that you can translate the WP ERP file within a second if you use the automatic translation while using the Poedit software. You can also use the autocorrection option so that you can check the spelling.

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