Let’s Check How to Ensure Your Employee Satisfaction with WordPress ERP

Let’s Check How to Ensure Your Employee Satisfaction with WordPress ERP

Employees are the heart of a company. Employee satisfaction is a heartbeat. So, the more satisfied the employees are the more successful the company becomes. And it is a proven fact. Because satisfied employees stay loyal towards the organization and stick to it even in the worst-case scenario.

However, it is the job of the people sitting at the top of the hierarchy to make sure all the employees are happy. Especially people in the managerial position. The employees are attending at the right time also working overtime. But yet they are not prolific. But with sound management, this can be overturned.

Today we are going to dig deep to know the importance of employee satisfaction and also how we can ensure it.

Let’s dive in.

You Know Employee Satisfaction Matters a Lot

If you look at the companies around the world, you will see how they value their employees and their satisfaction. Take Google for example. When a company like Google takes employee satisfaction this seriously then you should realize how important it is.

In 2018 Google got the “Best Company Culture” award


They have set an example of how to create a work environment. Let us see how.

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom to be creative
  • Very friendly work environment
  • Constant innovation
  • Taking care of employees needs
  • “Doesn’t feel like work” mindset
  • Unlimited foods
Google Office China
Google Israel Office

As you can see they have one of the best workplaces in the world. That says a lot about the success of Google. Because they care about their employees.

But only you can not ensure the complete satisfaction of your employees. You need an efficient tool. And a solution like ERP can help you with that. It has all the functionalities so that you can manage your whole company and also take care of your employees.

How An ERP Software Helps Ensuring Employee Satisfaction

Why do you need an ERP solution to manage your company? ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. That means it manages the whole company and its resources. It takes care of Finance and also Human Resources. Let us see how an ERP solution helps running the company.

Handling All The Employee Issues

The first thing a company need is employees. From recruitment to the full onboarding process, managing the whole system is a big ask for any company. But the ERP solution easily takes care of that. You can make sure you can hire the best candidates for your company and do that with the utmost ease.

Employee issues

Also, you can manage the salary of the employees so that they get their salary at the right time. Tracking employee performance will become easy and the end result will be near perfect. Moreover, you can identify the problems with HR before it happens.

All in all, you can make sure complete employee satisfaction. And that also takes you one step closer to success.

Bye Bye Calculations!

Finance is the most important part of any company. It defines the success of a company. So, it is really important to maintain the details of every transaction. Modern ERP offers dashboards that give you an overview of your finances, so you can tap into the real-time information anytime and anywhere.

The complex calculations will become easy.

Building a Strong Customer Relationship

Building the companies reputation means having a strong relationship with the clients. And with a Customer Relationship Management solution of ERP, that is easily managed. You can easily track & follow up queries with leads, subscribers & clients.

Strong customer relationship

Therefore, you see how you can manage a whole company using the Modern ERP solution. The question is, is there any tool and plugin available that offers all these features? The answer is yes. WP ERP has all the resources to manage a company.

But today the main focus of our article is employee satisfaction. So, we are going to discuss how you are going to use WP ERP to ensure the complete satisfaction of the employees.

Here’s How You Can Ensure Your Employee Satisfaction Using WP ERP HRM

WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning is the first complete ERP solution in WordPress. It has 3 modules.

  1. HRM
  2. CRM
  3. Accounting

These three modules along with some exclusive extensions make WP ERP the perfect tool to start and manage a whole company. Especially in managing the employees. The HRM module has all the resources you need to keep the employees satisfied.

Yes, you heard it right. Interested to know how? Let us dive in.

Hiring New & Efficient Employees

Let’s start from the beginning. When a company starts it needs employees. The more efficient the employees are the better for the company. But most companies make a mess of things when they try to hire new employees. Ultimately impacting the credibility of the process.

But, this process can be made smooth and credible using the Recruitment module of WP ERP. You can easily manage your job posting and hire the employees that are suitable for your company. It makes the job of an HR manager quite easy.

WP ERP recruitment employee satisfaction

It makes the onboarding process very easy and it certainly boosts the employee satisfaction rate.

Measured Control of Employees Whereabouts

There are a lot of cases where employees’ leaves their job because of constant nagging by the upper management about when they are coming in the office when they are going out and where have they been. Employees want flexibility and the management wants information. It’s a dilemma, right?

attendance software for employee satisfaction

Well actually no. The Attendance extension can solve this dilemma. As an HR manager, you can easily track your employees working hours. It offers an easy check-in and check-out system.

Also, there is multiple check-ins and check-outs option that adds extra value.

This will help in making this complex process automated. So both parties will have no complaint about it.

Smooth Distribution of Assets

Giving great service requires the right people and the right service tools.

Ron Kaufman

Well, we discussed the right people’s part. Now let’s talk about giving them the right tools. Otherwise what your employees going to work with. And if you don’t make sure that the employees get the right tool then it will certainly affect the productivity and hamper the morale of the employees.

asset management software

WordPress ERP solution can handle that as well. Asset management extension makes the transaction of assets smooth. It makes sure that all the employees get their assets on time and also the equal distribution.

Asset Management software lets your company improve its IT governance, service quality, mitigate risk and also gives more efficiency. You can smoothly manage your assets with this plugin. And if the employees get their tools on time then it will certainly satisfy the employees.

Store & Organize Documents

To run a company requires a lot of documents. Both for the employee and the HR manager. One misplaced document and its chaos! Sometimes it is seen that the employee has submitted a document that is lost by the management and vice-versa.

WordPress Document Manager for Managing Your HR Documents

Then comes the blame game. It will obviously create an awkward environment around the office. And it will certainly not increase employee satisfaction. That is why you need a WordPress Document Manager.

WP ERP offers the Document manager extension so that managing all the documents becomes easy and there remains clarity between both the parties. Also, it takes care of the problem of storing all the documents as well.

Security issues also solved!

Learning New Skills

The more efficient and productive the employees are the more beneficial it is for the company. Also, the employees want to learn new things so that they can contribute more to the professional level. Training is the solution. But it is difficult to manage your workhour and training.

employee training software for employee satisfaction

So you need to adopt a training software for your company. The Training module of WP ERP HRM can help you keep the balance between training and working hours.

When you arrange quality training for your employees, they will have an advantage over the other companies’ employees. Your employees will also believe that you are giving extra value to your employees creating a supportive workplace.

Salary on Time

Do we need to explain this? The performance of any employee is reflected in their salary. After working hard all month, the employee expects to receive their salary on time. But if it doesn’t go according to plan then it will have the most impact on employee satisfaction.

WordPress Payroll Plugin

It is a painful process for the HR manager to calculate the salary every month. But with the WP ERP Payroll plugin, managing the employee salary will be easy. It will completely automate the process. And every employee will get the salary they deserve and right on time.

Bonus: Reimbursement

Sometimes the employees need to spend from their own pocket for the office. The office then pays them back. That is called Reimbursement. ERP Accounting offers this extension.


This module automates the whole reimbursement process so there no chance to go overboard. That way you can solve your expense management Issues With Reimbursement!

Prime Facts to Consider about Employee Satisfaction

Few people will disagree that the most valuable resource of any organization is its people.SO keeping the people of a company satisfied should be the number one priority. Not only it will boost the success rate but also make the company reach greater heights.

top factors for employee satisfaction

Employee engagement is one way to keep the employee happy. But there are other ways to measure employee satisfaction. For instance,

  • Appreciate Their Good Work: Nothing motivates more than the appreciation of any good work done by the employees. For example, weDevs recently celebrated the contributions of developers in the launching of WordPress 5.3.
  • Work-Life Balance: Amidst the pressure of meeting the deadline, we often forget there is also a personal life that exists in everyone’s lives. So, it is the job of both the management and employees to keep a balance between their work and personal life.
  • Improve Team Collaboration: If you look at the history of successful companies then you will see they succeeded because of a team effort. So, exercising team building activities can be a real morale booster for the staff.
  • Learning and Career Development: There is no age to learn or to improve your skills. The more skillset an employee possesses than it is for the benefit of the company. So, regular training sessions should be arranged for the staff of the company.
  • Relationships With Superiors: One of the most important parts of employee satisfaction. Often there is a misconception among the employees that they should fear their superiors. But that is not the case. The environment should be friendly and the people should be able to voice their opinions without any fear.

These are the top factors we think can raise employee happiness significantly. Of course, these factors can vary from time to time and company to company.

So, the suggestion will be to analyze the company structure and do what benefits the company and its employees.

Before Ending on Employee Satisfaction

It is important to create a friendly work environment in the office. Employers should encourage the staff to take risks and learn new skills in order to enhance their goals and benefit the company.

And tools like WP ERP and its module HRM can easily pave the way for achieving employee satisfaction. It has all the functionalities that a complete ERP solution should possess.

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