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The Ultimate Guide to Software of Project Management

The Ultimate Guide to Software of Project Management

Maintenance of a project and running it successfully rely on an efficient manager. To ease the whole process you can check the guide to comprehensive software project management.

The work-life seems so joyful with the right, simple yet efficient WordPress plugin. Any organization can boost its productivity by creating, organizing, and assigning tasks within a few clicks.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Software For Project Management

If you are a buyer of Project Management software then this article is the right place to the insight before choosing this type of tool. You have to check and look into some of the key attributes to find out the best software for Project Management for your business. These attributes include:

  • Limit of members for using the software 
  • Track the time of a specific project
  • Overview the complete, ongoing or monthly task
  • Remind your task deadline
  • Easy payment method for the customer
  • Create milestones
  • WooCommerce enabled
  • Stripe Gateway

Perfect Project Management should have all these elements. Because the tech world is moving so fast and the above requirements will help you to cope-up with speed. We will try to give you proper guidance regarding this right here in this post.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Software of Project Management

Project Manager guide

If you are a project manager then you can easily relate to all the features and measure the deep value to each of them. As in real life, monitoring employees, overviewing the given tasks, or tracking the task time is not that easy. So, everyone must need to use helpful software. So what exactly does a project management software need to have in order to consider it for your company? Here are the brief details for you to make a better-informed decision.

➤ No Limit for Adding Members

In a complete Project Management application, there should be limitless options for tasks, projects and to add limitless co-workers as much as a user need. Besides that, it shouldn’t cost you based on per-user like the other costly project management plugin. 

This means you can build different projects in a single dashboard and all the information will be displayed under a specific project. So the data analysis will be easier. 

➤ Track the Required Time of A Project

time tracker tool

A suitable Project Management software must be able to track the start and end of an assigned task. Also, there should some options for stop, pause, or custom entry into the assigned project. As a project manager, you can calculate the total spent time on a task. 

Time tracker not only tracks the spent time on a particular project, but it also describes the whole insight about the tasks. So, you can predict the estimated time to complete the task. 

It must also enable remote employees to work from other cities or living overseas. As any project should not get affected due to living in different time zones.

➤ Follow-up Completed or Ongoing Tasks

Software for project management

Henry Gantt was the first inventor of the Gantt chart (1910-1915). Gantt Charts are very difficult to make. If Project Management software can implement the theory of the Gantt Chart then you can easily get to know what is happening in your project in one chart. Manually, you need to collect all the tasks and required time of a project to create a Gantt Chart. It really sounds so messy, thus, a project management tool must have this feature in its armory.   

➤ Check the Workflow

The workflow of an individual employee should be visible. In case, a new subject pops up in your mind and you want to create a new task at that moment. So, there must be an option for making different projects immediately.

Marketing Workflow

Kanban board can give the user an opportunity to build this type of instant project. Basically, it is designed based on the Japanese way of maintaining and developing a project. And, this extension will help you monitor all your tasks and organizes them according to their current status. Also, you may build custom boards if you need them. So, the best Project Management software must have this add-on.

➤ Review the Monthly Productivity

There should be a special calendar, where the manager can view daily, weekly, or even monthly timelines of your task. Here you may view the ongoing, completed, and overdue tasks. 

This report can help you to know the monthly productivity of a company. Also, individual worker productivity can be seen in a task calendar.

➤ Reminder for Must-Have Tasks & Recurring Task

Each company has tasks that might need to be repeated in a cycle. For instance, the email marketing team needs to send Christmas deals to the subscribers every December.   

Recurring Task

In a Project Management tool, you should be able to automate the task by simply using a reminder. It may set patterns & parameters for routine tasks. Thus, you will not need to create them again. You can automate the recurring process just the way you want or need it.

Some ordinary tasks need a constant reminder that should never be underestimated. A task reminder can save you from missing out on any important tasks.  

➤ View All Your Project Files

In case, you want to see the whole project files, then you will probably have to go to every project, inside every file, and find who is working on it. So, in the Project Management tool, you must get to view all of your project files in one place.

➤ Create Milestones

Project milestone tracker

A Project Manager tool must have the milestones setting capabilities that can encourage you to go forward. A Milestone tracker can create milestones that your project needs. Assign task lists to each milestone, and complete it by following the deadline can help you for completing the task timely. Also, you can take a little care where a milestone is falling behind. So make sure the Project Management software has milestone features before purchasing it.

➤ Payment Approach to Clients

Suppose, you want to create and manage projects in several departments. And, you also want the department head to manage the projects independently without letting the other departments know about the work. But the directors or administrative staff will have access to all the departments, projects, and tasks.   

Project Manager Benefits

So a Project Management tool must enable all the features that we have mentioned above. So you have privacy, and at the same time, you can access anywhere you want. 

➤ Project Management Software Invoice 

If you have the Invoice add-on in your Project Manager tool then you can create an invoice within projects and collect payment from clients. A perfect Project Management software should let you assign client roles to users. So after finishing your project, you can create an invoice for your client. Based on your input, the invoice will be automatically formatted and will be sent to your client when created.

Clients can easily pay against your invoice. The invoice will be automatically marked as paid after the payment process is done.

➤ WooCommerce Order Add-On

If you are an online product seller or service provider with WooCommerce, then you may need to create projects or assign tasks when an order or booking is processed. When your Project Management plugin will have the WooCommerce Order add-on, it will have the power of attorney while an order is being processed. 

Integrate WooCommerce Store with WordPress ERP

With WooCommerce Order Add-On You Can:

  • Select when to create a project- after order or after the payment is processed.
  • Pick which product will build what type of task or project.
  • Choose the tasks that you want to add
  • Assign the project to a particular person
  • Include employees, managers, and clients
  • Use project templates
  • Manage the privacy and each role of the users

So, quite evidently the right Project Management tool must contain a WooCommerce Order add-on if you are a WooCommerce site owner.

➤ Stripe Gateway

No one likes to ask for payments to the clients manually and process the whole payment on their own. In this regards the Stripe Gateway can help in making the whole payment process seamless and hassle-free.  

With the help of this type of add-on, your clients will get the bill automatically. Stripe Gateway is well known for its low charges rather than the other available payment solutions. Especially it is used to take payments via credit cards which is the most common form of making online payments along with PayPal. So, before buying a Project Manager tool check carefully what payment gateway it is providing.

A Reliable Project Management Software Is What You Need!

WordPress Project Management Software

The right software can take your business or project to the next level. We think you will now understand what are the must-have essentials before picking the right Project Manager Software.

Can you relate to these points below?

  • Unlimited Members
  • Time Tracker
  • Gantt Chart Extension
  • Kanban Board
  • Interactive Task Calendar
  • Files & Documents Manager
  • Milestone Tracking
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • WooCommerce Order Add-On
  • Stripe Gateway

What if, there is software that fulfills all the requirements you have? Well, introducing the WP Project Manager– the premium quality project manager plugin. If you are searching for all the core factors and project management functionalities then it can be that software for you. This plugin consists of all the features that a complete Project Management software should have.

Moreover, the base of this tool is WordPress which means it is super user-friendly for anyone. And you don’t need to be a professional project manager to run this WordPress Plugin either.

Besides that, you are getting 24/7 support in case you get stuck anywhere. You may check out the Video tutorials or docs for setting up the plugin properly.

So, we suggest you choose the Project Manager plugin as you can manage lots of essential stuff and projects virtually. More importantly you get complete access, privacy, and control under your belt.

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