How to Ensure Desired Lead Generation with Project Management Software

How to Ensure Desired Lead Generation with Project Management Software

The term lead generation means collecting those customers who have an interest in your product or service. They can increase your online sales and make you famous in the marketing world.

Increasing lead generation seems easier if you use a well-known software to manage your whole project efficiently. For that, you have to use the right Project Manager tool.

The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market lives on the web.

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So, do you want to know how can you ensure lead generation with Project Manager Software? If yes, then this article is written for you. Let’s know whence lead generating can be controlled by a project management software.

How Project Manager Software Ensure Lead Generation

lead generation

Well, there are different features of project management software. And, surprisingly most of them work flawlessly for lead generation. Today we will introduce the process of PM tools and measure how it performs for ensuring lead generation.

Clear & Consistent Project Planning

Before starting lead generating, make a crystal clear project plan and customize your project management tool according to the system. If you start a project without any planning, the project failure risk gets higher and you can even quit in the middle of the project.

Project Management software will help you to do the planning with your coworkers. Moreover, you can assign their responsibilities individually.

An ideal PM tool must let you create limitless tasks, projects and add unlimited co-workers or teams.

Besides that, it shouldn’t cost based on per-user like most of the software.

controlling your Lead generation project

Controlling All Projects & Tasks

In the lead generation project, you will need to assign several types of tasks to your coworkers. So, the project management software must provide you the power of attorney to check the status of the tasks and projects of each person of that company.

What if you get a built-in time tracker to track how much time is needed for completing a task and an entire project. Doesn’t it sound effective? Even if in some PM tools you can calculate the charge for hourly works as well.

Judging dependencies among diverse tasks and subtasks can help you to organize tasks each time. Plus, you will know the capabilities of assignees for each project.

Tracking milestones

Tracking Your Desired Milestones

Building milestones can help you to make a point where you have to reach in time. Achieving a milestone is good for your career and at the same time, you will feel confident about your work.

So, if your project management has the capability of making and tracking milestones it will be awesome. And, it must track the progress and show you which are falling behind.

Bird’s Eye View in Working Calendar

Lead generation is not a quick project that you will do it within one or two weeks. A perfect email campaign for lead generation takes lots of time to be effective to the interested people. So, you may need a long time to complete all your milestones. Checking every day’s work is easy but when you will ask to check the overview of your project till now, you will get confused.

Don’t be panic, it’s normal to be messy. If a PM tool can help you to see all the done, future works, completed and incomplete tasks and milestones, doesn’t it help you effectively? Even if some PM software shows who is responsible for each project. This feature of Project Management can help you to ensure lead generation.

Daily Email Reporting from the Lead

The availability of the mailing system in the project management software helps to communicate with your customers. The quick response of email will make a trusted image of your company. On the other hand, emails are trustworthy and it makes things easy because no tricky registrations are required for the customers.

So, including daily email reporting of project management software can increase your lead without any doubt.

Over all progress report of lead generation

Overall Progress Report

What if there is a page which shows the overall actions of your team across your site. That means you can know the whole scenario of your company from a single page. Isn’t it helpful to develop your lead generation project productively?

So, project management software including an overall progress report page can help you to determine the current position of your lead generation.

Different Valuable Integration

To make your work easier you should use some integration. You may ask me “what are the benefits?” Well, let’s have a look below and determine those integrations help you or not. 

Bunch of integration

Integration with WooCommerce

Bring projects and tasks to the frontend of your site. Sometimes this is a needed feature for working with clients. It may show you the sold product, ongoing process of selling department, and more. 

BuddyPress Integration

Using BuddyPress add-on, you can create a profile that will build a connection between users and you. Managing groups and private conversations will be much easier.

Github & Bitbucket Integration

Save your valuable time and handle your issues more efficiently with GitHub & Bitbucket integration.

Slack Integration

Simplify your team communication and collaboration more effectively.

Pusher Integration

Get realtime notifications of your task activities like assigning team members, mentioning in comments, and creating tasks with this brand new integration. Connecting your Project Management tool with Pusher will enhance your push notification experience to a whole new level.

All of these integrations are helpful to ensure your lead generation only if they are available in your PM tool. 

Lead generation

Remembering Important Staffs

You may sometimes forget your daily work routines like sending emails to the lead, product promotion, and more.

If there is a module to remember your next day workflow, wouldn’t you use it? You can set patterns & parameters for routine tasks so that you won’t need to create them again. Automate the recurring process just the way you want. Some Project Management tools use this module. It makes an owner’s daily life effortless.

Managing File and Documents

A single project may need a lot of files and if you keep them in your hard drive it can be messy and sometimes hard to find the important documents.

So, to avoid this rumpled situation, perfect Project management can help you to see all of your project files in one place.

Task Management in Effective Ways

Task management

To ensure the lead generation you must manage your assigns and assignees at the same time. Let’s know which ways your Project Management tool must have-

Viewing Activities in a Single Page

Know every bit of the update in a project from one single page. The activity log may take note of everything that is happening.

In-project Discussion

For a seamless and time-saving communication among the teammates, the PM tool may have project-wise discussion whenever you want.

Priority Management

You can set different priority tags for each task and let everyone know which task needs to be performed first. This way meeting deadlines will be more efficient.

Besides those, there could be more options to minimize your workload for the Lead Generation project.

Summing Up Lead Generation

WP project manager for lead generation

Many Project Management Tools are available on the web. The fact is choosing the appropriate one according to your requirements. Do you want to add a PM software that has the features that we have discussed above? Well, there is a premium quality PM tool called WP Project Manager that includes features more than we have described here.

For this COVID19 crisis, the paid version of the WP Project Manager is absolutely free for you.

So, are you using any Project Management tool to ensure your lead generation? If not, then we will suggest going with WP PM. If yes, then share with us your likes and dislikes about your current Project Management software.

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