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5 Best Project Management Software for Designers

project management software for web designers

Designing Websites is a quite creative job and the designers need to focus on color choosing, template set, & other UI/UX design factors.  The workload increases when the designer has to manage a team or big project. And, that where the best project management software for designers comes from.  So, are you a designer who … Read more

How To Utilize Ecommerce CRM Software in the Best Way

how to use ecommerce crm software

Isn’t it marvelous to have all the contacts, email addresses, and other necessary information of your customers in a single place? Well, it is exclusively possible in today’s time with CRM software. The eCommerce business has seen the fastest form of growth in the last decade. And so for online businesses to operate properly, a … Read more

WP ERP Accounting Review 2020 and The Future at a Glance

wp erp accounting year in review

Hello, Business Owners! Though 2020 has given the worst experience in different businesses we hope the coming 2021 will help you to turn back. And, soon you will be able to compensate for all the losses.  WP ERP has passed this pandemic pretty cleverly. Here, we have focused on our customer’s likes-dislikes, issues, and fixed … Read more

How to Spend Money to Make Money from Websites (7 Mindblowing Techniques)

How to spend money to make money

Earning through the website is now a common phrase to all. Many people are investing money in it but they are getting frustrated for being unsuccessful. So, how to spend money to make money through websites?  In this article, we will cover those effective methods that can help you to make money through utilizing websites.  … Read more

How Much Does WooCommerce Cost: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

how much does wocommerce cost

WooCommerce has made it easy to set up a store and get it running in no time. However, similar to starting any other business, there are costs associated with it.  When you are planning to build an eCommerce website with WooCommerce, you should know how much would it costs to set up overall.  To help … Read more

Financial Accounting Vs Managerial Accounting: Things You Should Consider as an Entrepreneur

financial accounting vs. managerial accounting

In any business firm, accounting management is an essential component for it every day. Essentially, it is the precise and accurate recording of the economic transactions of a company. Though there are different types of accounting and they have multiple purposes but its core characteristics are the same. But for the last few years, the … Read more

6 Most Effective Customer Engagement Strategies for Business Owner

Customer Engagement Strategies

Do you know that two-thirds of organizations’ earnings depend on customer engagement strategies? Thus, the C-suite of large company’s always put customer engagement & support on top of their priority.  If you have a customer-centric business, nothing can stop you. Your relationship with customers can predict the value of your product. And, they are the … Read more

How to Manage School and Work Effectively with WP ERP

How to manage school and work

During any pandemic situation, Education Institutes, and the students all over the world stand on the verge of an uncertain future. Schools get shut down thus the life of students and teachers hangs without a balance. Mostly the parents get deeply concerned about the future of their children. In such a situation, if you belong … Read more

Recurring Task Management in WordPress with WP Project Manager

Use Cases of Recurring task module

In our daily life, we need to complete several types of duties and responsibilities. People nowadays like to use a to-do list to remind daily works that really helpful. Some of them use a diary or set alarms. But, is it enough to complete your task at the right time without making you panic.  In … Read more

How WP ERP HR Can Give You a Boost to Remote Team Management

remote team management

Does remote team management seem a challenge to you? Right now most of the companies are managing their team from home. And, honestly, it’s not that tough.  A study from ConnectSolutions says that 30% of companies get more energy and complete their task before the deadline while working from home. And, 82% of people experience … Read more

How to Ensure Desired Lead Generation with Project Management Software

lead generation

The term lead generation means collecting those customers who have an interest in your product or service. They can increase your online sales and make you famous in the marketing world. Increasing lead generation seems easier if you use a well-known software to manage your whole project efficiently. For that, you have to use the … Read more

Top 5 Open Source CRM: Which Could be Your Best Fit

open source crm

Are you hunting a smart solution to provide more elegance service to your valuable customer? If yes, then you may need an open-source CRM. It is surely a good fit for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). However, it’s really hard to find the perfect software for a business owner. As there are many customer relationship … Read more

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