How We are Supporting WordPress Community During the COVID-19 Global Epidemic

How We are Supporting WordPress Community During the COVID-19 Global Epidemic

What is your present situation in this global pandemic? Needless to say, we all are going through a deep crisis due to COVID-19 at this moment. The situation has been evolving very fast that we would not be able to even think properly. This is the time we have to raise our hands to help each other.

With this desire, we step forward to contribute something BIG to our community. Since we have been in this WordPress industry for more than 10 years. And always try to serve our users with the best products.

Even in this hostile environment, we ensure our policies get aligned with the best practices. In order to keep our team and their families safe and healthy. So that we can provide seamless service to your users as well.

In this article, we will share a quick update on the status of our team during this global pandemic. Check out all the latest announcements to accelerate your workflow in response to COVID-19.

Our Action Plans to Defeat COVID-19

From the beginning, we have been following all of the instructions and updates outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We have taken some effective precautions to ensure the safety of our team members. That they can provide regular service to our clients without any interruptions.

And we wish to continue this until the world comes back to its regular routine:

  • ❎ We’ve canceled our trips to different WordCamps around the globe.
  • 🧳 All the members have been instructed to avoid travel and large gatherings unless absolutely necessary. This includes WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, etc.
  •  Furthermore, our entire team has been advised to work from home (and to avoid public areas like co-working spaces, coffee shops, etc) prioritizing their well-being including others around with the best practice of self-containment.

In order to manage our team remotely, we are using WP ERP, Slack, WP Project Manager, and other such useful tools. So our team of 70+ collaborate smoothly and stay up-to-date on both global and local changes.

Moreover, we give the facility to take a break or off-days for our full-time employees if they feel sick. We take this step to keep our warriors fit for the long-run.

Anyway, we have taken every possible caution to run our all activities uninterrupted. And we pretty much confident with our team efforts. They will be able to support all the clients as best and as humanly possible during this difficult time.

You may check How We Are Managing Remote Teams with WP ERP.

We Offer the WP Project Manager Pro FREE During COVID-19 Outbreak

Managing remote teams during COVID-19

Most of the people are at home quarantine around the world. Many of the leading companies operate their daily activities from home. As they are not habituated to work remotely. Sometimes it gets harder to manage everything remotely.

To help you out, we’re offering you the WP Project Manager- Business Plan for Free to use for till June 2020. It will help you to manage your projects and meet the deadlines timely. Even if your team members are in various locations working from home.

In this crisis, it is mandatory for all to stay at home. And try to continue their works without failing to meet the deadlines. WP Project Manager can be your life savior for this crucial time. With this WordPress solution, you can plan, manage, and track your projects like a pro.

WP Project Manager is an all-in-one project management solution for WordPress users. That comes with powerful features like Team Discussion, Milestone, Gantt Chart, Email Notification, Calendar, and much more.

There are a large number of extensions available to enhance your team management experience to the next level.

Check how we are managing all our projects with this interactive tool.

Note: If you are a premium member of WP Project Manager- Business Plan then we’ll automatically extend your license validity. Therefore, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of WP Project Manager. And maximize the ROI according to your expectation. Also, don’t get bothered to avail the extensions as our support team will take care of the rest accordingly.

Get WP Project Manager Pro for FREE & Start Managing Your Team Remotely

remote team best practices

During this global pandemic, we want to help others. As we get beneficial using WP Project Manager to manage our entire team remotely. That’s why now we want to let others reap the advantages of this powerful tool also.

With WP Projects Manager you can easily operate a successful remote team seamlessly. It enables you to manage your team members and observe their progress from home during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

With the Premium Business Package you will get the following facilities FREE for 3 Months:

  1. Kanban Board
  2. Gantt Chart
  3. Time Tracker
  4. Frontend
  5. Recurring Task
  6. Interactive Calendar
  7. Slack Integration
  8. With Other Premium Features And Modules

How to Utilize WP Project Manager Pro to Manage Your Team from Home (Additional Resources)

A short video tutorial to utilize WP Project Manager Pro in the right way

You can easily set up the WP Project Manager to run your business and manage your team members remotely during COVID-19 outbreaks. It mostly requires only a few clicks and a maximum of half an hour to get all the setups done.

And if you are familiar with WordPress then it will be easy a pie for you. If not, don’t worry. It’s not rocket science. Besides, we have detailed documentation and video tutorial to help our users.

In order to keep your all projects in track and run your remote team successfully go through the following steps and resources appropriately:

Note: You can automatically manage your office 24/7 with WP ERP Attendance.

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Yes, We Beleive in Sharing & Giving Back to The Community!

We believe in spreading love and care for all. We know thousands of people are struggling all over the world. And the aftereffect of this crisis COVID-19 can be the worst. So, it is really important to keep the companies running as far as we can. Also, it is equally essential to keep your customers satisfied during this pandemic for sustainable brand value

Otherwise, problems like unemployment, famine, corruption, and others will be the next threat for us. So, those companies who are able to operate their projects remotely must continue their works from home. WP Project Manager will assist you to manage your remote teams with WordPress.

Downtime, errors and many other WordPress issues are common at this stage which is the very last thing you want to deal with right now. Our dedicated team is ready to give continuous support restlessly on a ‘24/7 basis’ for the sake of our customers.

We always prioritize our customers at the top. Even during this global crisis, we are standing beside our clients to overcome this tough time together.

3 thoughts on “How We are Supporting WordPress Community During the COVID-19 Global Epidemic”

  1. Very good initiative from your company to offer a clear guideline for your employees in this covid-19 pendamic. It is very important to keep our community safe from this contegeous situation. We are also taking care of our employees offering working from home.

  2. Hello Rajesh,

    It’s a pleasure to hear from you. We are offering WP Project Manager completely FREE during this epidemic to manage remote team members effortlessly. You can also try this, if you are not using any project management tool right now!

    Cheers 🙂

  3. Appreciable attempt from a company who gives a comprehensive outline in terms of employee safety and community. Great work from management and coordinators.


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